Exterior Business Sign Options for Kansas City Businesses

Businesses in the Kansas City area want to stand apart from the competition, which is very stiff in most industries. There are many ways to accomplish this, including the exterior signs you choose for your business. Many signs are dull and simply blend in with their surroundings, but you want your company to really shine. Considering the weather, amount of sunshine (which can result in fading), and other factors, what are the best choices when it comes to exterior signs? While one factor is the type of business you run, we have a few ideas we believe will be helpful.

A few of the exterior signs we receive the most requests for from KC business owners include:

Vinyl banners

Indoor or out, vinyl banners are a good choice due to the durable materials used in making them. Digitally printed banners mean that you can enjoy logos and color pictures with any and all of the colors you like, without adding to the cost. The size of vinyl banners often dictate how much the cost will be. If you’re looking for a quality banner for installation on a fence, mesh banners are a good choice as the sign will not be susceptible to damage even when strong winds travel through.

Window graphics

Whether you’re thinking of one decal or covering for entire windows, window graphics provide flexibility and can be designed using a multitude of colors. Window graphics make it possible to create a huge billboard if you have large storefront windows, enabling you to advertise your products or services while increasing brand awareness.

Monument or entrance signs

Often found near the entrance of shopping malls, churches, HOAs and many other types of businesses, monument signs are available in single or double sided varieties. These signs are extremely versatile, capable of listing a single company or multiple tenants such as in a mall setting. Typically manufactured of aluminum or high density urethane foam, monuments signs make it possible for potential clients to easily determine who you are and what your business is from the road.

Building signs

A term that encompasses many varieties of signs designed to be attached directly to the exterior of your building, “building signs” may feature your company’s name, logo, and other information. These signs include those using metal, channel, or foam letters, and may be cabinet or neon signs among other types. Building signs can be designed determined on what the landlord or property owner allows, and your preferences. This type of sign will definitely help you stand apart depending on the colors, font, and type of lighting you choose!

At Excel Lighting & Signs, exterior business signs are what our Kansas City sign company specializes in, among other things. Sign fabrication, LED lighting retrofits, installation, service and repair, and leasing are what we do best – it’s our passion. For all of your Kansas City exterior business sign needs, count on Excel to deliver beyond your expectations!

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