How to Choose the Right Type of Sign for Your Business

Choosing the right sign for your business is vital. When considering your business, prospective customers often see a sign. You want a sign that communicates your brand is clear, easy to understand, and attractive. There are many different types of signs available on the market today. Understanding what your choices are and how they differ from one another can help you to make the best decision for your business. 

The first step in choosing the right sign for your company is to hire a reputable sign company with experience working in your area and can design and install the type of commercial sign you are looking for. 

Second, you want to consider the demographics of your audience. What does your target customer look like? Think in terms of age, preferences, location, income, etc. You want your sign to be both relevant and effective. A professional sign company can help you consider your audience and know which signs communicate most effectively to these groups. 

Third, set your budget. There are so many different options available in signs; knowing exactly how much you can spend will help you to narrow down your choices. Consider all the costs associated with new signage: design, materials, installation, upkeep, etc.  Again, a reputable sign company can guide you through this process and provide an estimate for all the work it takes to make and install a sign for your establishment. 

They can also help you decide which sign is best for your business. These are just some of the types of signs you may want to consider:

Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letter signs use internally illuminated letters to provide exceptional visibility and help your sign stand out. They are visible by day and luminous at night. Each letter is lit from the inside with light shining through the plastic sign face. Channel letters provide great depth and precision to any company’s sign. Channel letters are custom-made with metal or plastic and are lit with LED lights. 

Halo-Lit Signs

Halo-Lit signs, sometimes called reverse channel letters, are just like a conventional channel letter sign, except that the lighting elements are exposed behind the letter creating a very attractive glow around the edges of the letters, hence the term “halo”.  Halo-Lit signs are common in corporate signage. They offer less light pollution than traditional channel letter signs and provide a more sophisticated look. 

Neon Signs 

Neon signs are electric signs lighted by long luminous gas-discharge tubes that contain rarefied neon or other gasses. They offer a dramatic, retro look to any business.  They are also extremely durable – lasting on average 10-15 years. Often seen in areas with a lot of nightlife, neon signs come in many colors and can consist of letters or pictures. 

Push Thru Acrylic Signs

Push Thru Acrylic signs are highly customizable signs that are a type of lettering pushed through a letter-shaped hole in a panel from the panel’s rear. This gives the sign dimension and greater readability. It can also be illuminated from the face or the sides of the letters for added drama or elegance. 

Non-Illuminated Signs

Non-Illuminated signs, as their name suggests, are not lit. However, they catch the customer’s eye in many other ways. High-performance enamel finishes, custom frames, workmanship, and placement work together to make non-illuminated signs stand out. Non-Illuminated signs can be more budget-friendly since they do not use electricity to operate. They are extremely flexible regarding style and design- you can use any color, font, size, or shape you’d like.  They are easy to maintain and can be a great option for businesses that operate from 9-5. 

There is no need to be overwhelmed in your signage decision. A professional sign maker can help guide you based on the needs and budget of your company. 


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