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LED Lighting:

What are you waiting for? KCPL pays 50%!

Kansas City Commercial Sign
& Lighting Company

You get one chance to make a first impression - we'll make sure it counts.

Excel Lighting & Sign is a Kansas City sign company that can provide your business with new signage that meets the highest standards. We utilize all LED illumination in our channel letters, monument signs, wall cabinet signs, and pole signs. Let us show you what a new sign can do for your business. We are happy to provide no-cost estimates and professional renderings for your review. You will see what your proposed sign looks like on your building before spending a dime.

Excel Lighting & Sign also is a leader in the Kansas City market for commercial LED retrofit/conversion projects. We have national distributorships with leading LED manufacturers. This means we buy direct saving you a layer of distribution. We only represent the highest quality fixture companies that provide between 5-10yr warranties on their products. We work closely with KCPL and handle all Energy Rebates on your behalf. All you do is cash the check!

We are different in that we are a "Lighting Company." We are not an "Energy Company" whose main goal is to sell you a product. We take great care in achieving optimal light levels using state of the art layouts and designs. We will customize each situation using LED fixtures that best fit the needs of the situation. If you are searching for sign companies in Kansas City, give us a call and find out what we can do for you.

  • Commercial Sign Fabrication
  • LED Lighting Retrofits - Interior/Exterior
  • Sign Service & Repair
  • Sign Installation
  • Over 50 years combined experience


  • "Dustan's company surpassed the competition by fair and provided outstanding service and a high quality lighting solution."
    "Dustan's company has literally changed the overall mood, enhanced security, facilitates cleanliness, and provides safety."

    Following a complete conversion to energy efficient lighting at the Wyandotte County Adult and Juvenile Detention Centers in downtown Kansas City KS

    Jeffrey S. Fewell, MBA, CJM
    Jeffrey S. Fewell, MBA, CJM, Wyandotte County Jail Warden
  • "My night crew noticed the difference in brightness of the lot the first night!"
    "Your Crew was very easy to work with during the conversion"

    After converting all 1000 watt Metal Halide parking lot lights to LED fixtures, it didn't take long for employees and the owner to notice a difference.


    John Jelinek – McDonald’s Owner-Operator
    John Jelinek – McDonald’s Owner-Operator,
  • Our McDonald's road sign has never shined brighter!

    After retrofitting the iconic McDonald's road sign from Fluorescent Light bulbs to energy-saving LED, the owner of this local McDonald's restaurant could not be happier

    John Jelinek – McDonalds Owner Operator
    John Jelinek – McDonalds Owner Operator,


  • All
  • Channel Letter Signs
  • LED Signs
  • Reverse Channel Letter Signs
  • Monument Signs
  • Dimensional Letter Signs
  • Service & Installation
  • KC Surgical Arts

    Channel Letter Signs / LED Signs / Reverse Channel Letter Signs
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  • Meers Advertising

    Channel Letter Signs / LED Signs / Reverse Channel Letter Signs
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  • Jackson County Sheriff

    Monument Signs
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  • Sungevity – City Center Square

    Channel Letter Signs / LED Signs
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  • Byron – Country Club Plaza

    Channel Letter Signs / Dimensional Letter Signs / LED Signs / Reverse Channel Letter Signs
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  • Byron Modern Tailored Man

    Channel Letter Signs / LED Signs
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  • Peterbilt Pylon Sign service

    Service & Installation
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  • Super Auto Sales Harrisonville

    Channel Letter Signs
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  • Interior Dimensional Letters

    Dimensional Letter Signs
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  • LED Reverse (Halo) Lit Channel Letters

    Channel Letter Signs / LED Signs / Reverse Channel Letter Signs
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  • Let us quote your next sign project. Excel Lighting & Sign can create new signage for your business. Whether it is new channel letters for a strip center, a new monument sign, replacing the existing face of your pole sign, or fabricating a new sign cabinet for the side of your building, we can help. We promise to provide you a quick, honest quote and back up with with a quality product. We utilize ALL LED Lighting in every type of sign we provide. channel letters monument signs pylon / pole signs wall / cabinet signs post and panel wayfinding signs

  • Excel Lighting & Sign is a leading LED supplier in the Kansas City metro area. We specialize in retrofit and conversion of of your existing lighting to new, energy efficient LED lighting. We can convert exterior parking lot lights, building lights, signs, interior office fluorescent lighting, warehouse, high bay lighting, Gas Canopy lighting, C-Store Refrigerated Cooler lighting, you name it! LED technology uses up to 75% less energy and all fixtures we install come with a 5 or 10 yr warranty. No maintenance expense for 10 years! PLUS, KCPL is paying up to 50% of the total cost (installation included*) of the LED project for certain customers. We work with you to apply and obtain the KCPL Rebate. Take advantage now!

  • Excel Lighting & Sign is a full service company providing sign and lighting maintenance services to the greater Kansas City (KC) metro region. We pride ourselves in truly being a Full-Service Lighting Maintenance company . Customers, like you, benefit from having ONE company for all your exterior, interior, electrical work, and sign maintenance . This saves you time and your company money. Excel Lighting has built our business around this philosophy.

  • Whether you just need your sign for your business moved to a new location or an entire store remodel / new signage package installed, we have experience. Our team of installers has been in the industry for 50+ years and knows what it takes to install a sign properly. No corners cut. Done right the first time.

  • Excel Lighting & Sign has partnered with numerous respected leasing companies to provide an affordable, economic option for the purchase of new signage and/or LED Lighting fixture retrofit projects. Leases are flexible and featured competitive interest rates. No money down options are available allowing you spread the cost of new equipment over 2, 3, or 4 years. Interest rates are competitive, the application process is easy (just 1 page), and approval is within 24-48 hours. When you lease new LED light fixtures, the energy savings you realize on your electrical bill from switching to LED often times "pays" for your monthly lease payment. Positive cash flow from day 1!



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