Channel Letter Signs

prime capital channel letter sign on building

What Are Channel Letter Signs?

If you are shopping for a new, custom sign for any new business today, you have probably heard of the term Channel Letter signage.  Many landlords are requiring their tenants to only use channel letter signage on their buildings.  In fact, some cities and municipalities are only allowing channel letter type signs to be permitted any longer.  These types of signs allow any font and logo to be made out of bending preformed aluminum using special machinery to the exact specifications of a logo or company.  The face is a lexan polycarbonate or acrylic material with what is known as a trimcap glued to the face.  The trim cap allows the face to be fastened with screws to the aluminum sides (aka return).  The LED lighting is mounted inside the aluminum return and shines through the face/acrylic material.  
Channel letter type signs can be small or huge.  It is not uncommon to have 6″ tall letters or 6′ tall letters.  
Channel letter signs are very lightweight, easy to install, and easy to remove.  When they are illuminated with LED modules, they are extremely energy efficient.   Most new channel letter signs come with a 5 year warranty meaning little to no maintenance on your business signage.  


Front-Lit Channel letters these are the most common type of channel letter signs made. These signs have an acrylic face (i.e. front) on them and the LED lighting shines through the face. We can customize the color of the face using a wide selection of colored acrylic, or we can use any high quality 3M/Arlon/Oracal translucent vinyl on top of the acrylic. Even more color options are available when you choose a LED color. Even RGB (color changing) LEDs are available in channel letter signs.

Reverse Lit (Halo Lit) Channel Letters – 

Highly Customizable

Choose your font, color, and size

Mounting Options

Can be mounted raceway, direct, or backer panel

Various Lighting Options

While often internally lit, channel letter signs can also be backlit, known as halo-lit or reverse channel letter signs.

"People always comment on how easy it is to find us because of our sign!"