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Excel Lighting & Sign focuses on the “lighting” aspect as much as the “energy saving” aspect of each and every LED retrofit project we complete.  While many companies only focus on the “energy savings” aspect and do not pay as much regard to the actual “lighting” aspect of your project.  We understand lighting is important.  Whether you are trying to illuminate the front line of your new car dealership or simply trying to maintain a certain even level of lighting for security aspects, we will custom tailor a LED fixture that best suits your needs.  Many of our LED fixtures also come with customizable Optics – meaning we create software generate layouts of your actual space and customize LED optics within each fixture to achieve certain light levels (foot candle readings) where you need them.  Each project is a custom fit…rarely is something simply an off the shelf solution.  This is all included, never an additional charge.  LEDs are an amazing new lighting technology and it is important to utilize all of their features and benefits.  We strive to make every LED lighting retrofit project a Win-Win for our customers.

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We want you to stand out.

Our work speaks for itself.  We pride ourselves on taking care of customers in a timely and reasonably priced matter.  We don’t want to be like any other typical sign company in Kansas City.  We want to stand out.  We promise to follow up with you.  We promise to treat you fairly.  We promise to earn your trust.

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We know you what it takes to make and install a sign both fast, and safe.

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We will have an estimate for you within 72 business hours of contact.

Dependable.  Reasonable.  Flexible.  Professional.  Creative.  Adaptive. 

Those are the words we have built this Kansas City sign company around since our inception in 2006.  We are extremely proud to be a locally owned, Kansas City bred, company. We bleed Kansas City, and love working with large and small businesses throughout this great metro area.   

"Excel was the best choice - honest and quality teamwork..."

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