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Neon signs are a great way to catch your customers’ eye in a fun and inviting way.  

And because our neon signs are completely customizable and made-to-spec, you can get a custom neon sign for any business, any space, and any size. 

Stand Out With Neon or LEDs!

Neon signs and modern look-alike LEDs are the perfect way to stand out and tell your story in an eye-catching way!

Neon Signs For All Industries

From simple "Open" signs to animated and elaborate custom lights, neon signs can be tailored to communicate any message and any styling

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What to Know About Neon Signs

Neon signs are a staple of nighttime cityscapes. Neon signs are created through the electrification of neon gas contained within glass tubes. When a high-voltage electrical current is passed through the gas, it emits a bright, glowing light. This technology, which dates back to the early 20th century, became immensely popular for advertising and decorative purposes due to its intense colors and ability to be shaped into intricate designs.

The iconic glow of neon signs has been synonymous with the allure of urban nightlife, marking everything from diners and bars to theaters and storefronts. Their distinct, warm light not only attracts attention but also adds character to the environments they illuminate. You love ’em, we love ’em, and customers love ’em too.

However, in recent years, LED (and LED retrofit) signs have emerged as the new standard, largely supplanting neon signs in most applications. This shift has been driven by several factors, including energy efficiency, durability, and versatility.

LEDs consume significantly less electricity than neon tubes and have a longer lifespan, making them more cost-effective and environmentally friendly over time.

Additionally, LED signs offer greater flexibility in terms of design and color range, capable of producing vivid displays with dynamic effects that neon just can’t quite match. The robustness of LED technology, with its resistance to breakage and easier maintenance, further cements its status as a preferred choice for both business owners and city planners.

As a result, while neon signs still hold nostalgic value and aesthetic appeal, LED signage has become the dominant force in the realm of illuminated advertising and architectural lighting.

If you’re considering a new custom sign, or need help with a neon sign repair or replacement, Excel can help.

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"So Do I Actually Need a Neon Sign?"

Deciding whether you “really need neon” for your signage or decorative needs is a question that balances aesthetics, cost, practicality, and environmental considerations. 

Neon has a unique charm and a retro appeal, and the warm, inviting glow of neon offers a nostalgic touch that can set a business or space apart, particularly in settings that aim for a vintage or distinctive look. This can be especially appealing for boutique shops, thematic restaurants, bars, or art installations where ambiance is key.

But several factors make neon less and less appealing for most businesses, and we find that most people – once they learn about the benefits of moving to LED lighting that replicates the look and feel of neon – opt for this newer technology! We call this “faux neon”, and it looks great.

  • First, neon signs are generally more expensive to produce and maintain than LED signs due to the craftsmanship required to shape the glass tubes and the energy costs associated with their operation. 
  • They are also more fragile, presenting higher risks of breakage and the associated costs of repair or replacement. 
  • Furthermore, neon signs consume more electricity than their LED counterparts, making them less energy-efficient and potentially increasing your carbon footprint.

In contrast, LED technology offers flexibility, durability, and energy efficiency. LEDs can mimic a wide range of colors, including neon-like hues, and can be programmed with dynamic effects that neon cannot achieve. They’re also more robust and have a longer lifespan, which translates to lower long-term costs.

So if you’re on the fence about the cost of your new neon sign, LED could be the perfect solution. 

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Let Excel Lighting and Signs Help With Your Neon Sign Needs

We make custom neon signs for businesses of all types, sizes, and locales. We can build you a custom neon sign or LED sign for indoors (like open signs or catch-phrases for your business), plus elaborate or large outdoor signs to attract, retain, and delight your ideal customers.

Call today to get in touch and learn more about our neon sign capabilities. We’ll explain how it works, offer a free mockup for your neon sign, and also explain the benefits of switching to LEDs. 

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Looking for A Neon or Faux Neon Sign Company In Kansas City? That's Us.

Excel Lighting & Signs is Kansas City’s best sign company for a reason. Meticulous attention to detail, free and compelling renderings before you buy, and fair pricing for all of our new sign installations

We offer a wide range of sign services, including:

  • Wall-mounted exterior signs
  • Neon signs
  • LED signs
  • Channel letter signs
  • Lighting and back-lit signs
  • Custom signs of all shapes and sizes
  • Monument signs
  • Halo lit signage
  • Digital Electronic Message signs & screens
  • And more!

Why Excel Is The Perfect Choice For Your New Neon Sign or Replacement

Dedicated to One Thing: Custom Signs and Sign Installations

At Excel Lighting & Signs, we're in the business of crafting signage masterpieces that echo the uniqueness of your brand. Recognizing that no two businesses are alike, our mission is to ensure your sign not only stands out but sings your brand's individuality! Our array of sign options is as diverse as the businesses we work with - from channel letter signs and neon signs to the dynamicism of digital electronic message boards, and the ethereal glow of halo-lit signage, we do it all. Let's illuminate your brand's story, together.

Free Renderings on Neon Signs

Before you make any decisions, we kick things off by offering complimentary digital mockups, allowing you to visualize your sign's future brilliance. This sneak peek into your sign's potential not only assists in refining the design and its placement, but gives you the full picture including an up-front quote. Alongside your estimate, you'll receive a visual rendering, and from there, we're all about fine-tuning to perfection.

Competitive Prices

At the heart of our service is a commitment to competitive pricing that ensures our clients receive exceptional value without compromising on quality. Our aim is to provide you with a product that not only meets your aesthetic and functional needs but also aligns perfectly with your financial expectations. Choose us, and invest in signage that stands out without stretching your budget.

5-Star Reviewed and Deeply Experienced

With years of experience lighting up the industry, our expertise is not just in crafting signs, but in creating lasting impressions. Our seasoned team brings a blend of creativity, precision, and a client-focused approach to every project, making us a trusted partner in showcasing your brand. Check our reviews out on Google, a testament to our commitment to excellence and to serving our clients with nothing but the best.

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FAQs About Neon Signs

We wrote all about the cost of a business sign in a recent article. 

For neon signs (or really, faux neon LED signs), pricing really depends on size. You can get a small custom neon/LED sign for under $1,000, but prices can range into the thousands for large or highly customized signs. Getting a price on a neon sign is easy with Excel, however – just call us!

Most of our signs are ready and installed within 4 to 6 weeks of placing your order.

True neon signs are not as energy-efficient as LED signs. The energy consumption of a neon sign depends on its size and design complexity. Generally, neon signs use  between 20 to 100 watts, comparable to a household light bulb. 

LED signs often use 75% less energy.

Our faux neon signs can last for decades with minimal to zero maintenance beyond an occasional cleaning. 

If a neon tube breaks in a neon sign, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your beloved sign. Neon signs can often be repaired, depending on the extent of the damage and the complexity of the design.

But, repairs to neon signs can be expensive because they require specialty equipment and glass repairs.

When a neon tube breaks, it’s possible to repair it by either replacing the damaged section with new glass tubing or patching it, depending on the damage’s extent. The repair process involves removing the broken piece, cleaning, and then either re-tubing or patching, followed by vacuum-pumping to remove impurities and refilling with gas. After repair, the tube is tested to ensure it matches the rest of the sign in terms of color and brightness. While neon sign repair can preserve the sign’s original charm, the cost and feasibility depend on the complexity of the design and the severity of the break.

If you need help with your neon sign, give us a call!

Custom neon signs in Kansas City have become increasingly popular for business owners looking to make a statement. These unique signs not only illuminate your brand but also add a touch of creativity and personality to your storefront. Whether you’re a retail store, a restaurant, or a service-based business, custom neon signs provide a visually appealing way to attract attention and stand out from the crowd.

LED signs are another popular option for businesses in Kansas City. These signs offer enhanced versatility, allowing you to display vibrant colors, dynamic effects, and even scrolling messages. LED signs are energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and highly durable, making them a great long-term investment for your business. Whether you want to advertise daily specials or create an engaging outdoor display, LED signs offer endless possibilities for capturing attention and increasing brand visibility.

There is a wide range of sign types available in Kansas City to suit different business needs. Channel letter signs, for example, are three-dimensional letters that can be fabricated in various materials and illuminated with neon or LED lighting. Monument signs, on the other hand, are freestanding structures located at the entrance of a property and can be customized to match your brand’s aesthetic. The flexibility of custom signs allows you to choose the type that best fits your business identity and target audience.

When it comes to attracting customers, attention-grabbing window signs can be a game-changer. These signs are strategically placed on the windows of businesses to capture the attention of passersby. With the right design and placement, window signs can effectively communicate your brand message, promote special offers, and create a sense of curiosity that draws customers inside. Graphic designers play a crucial role in creating window signs that are visually appealing, aligned with your brand’s identity, and captivating enough to make potential customers stop and take notice.

In a bustling city like Kansas City, where competition is fierce, having eye-catching signage is essential for any business. Custom neon signs, LED signs, attention-grabbing window signs – these are just a few of the tools available to help your brand shine and make a lasting impression on your target audience. By investing in well-designed and strategically placed signage, you can boost brand visibility, attract new customers, and ultimately contribute to the success of your business in Kansas City’s competitive market.

Custom neon signs, LED signs, and attention-grabbing window signs offer a powerful way to elevate your brand presence. By capitalizing on these versatile sign options, you can effectively communicate your business message, captivate potential customers, and make a memorable impact. So, embrace the world of custom signage and take advantage of the wide range of sign types available to enhance your business’s visibility and success.