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We want you to stand out.

Our signage work speaks for itself.  We don’t want to be like any other typical sign company in Kansas City.  We want to stand out. We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers in a timely and reasonably priced matter.  We promise to follow up with you.  We promise to treat you fairly.  We promise to earn your trust.

Rapid Turnaround

When you contact us, you can expect a quick email/call back, an on-site meeting, initial mock-ups within 48 hours of meeting along with a quote 24 hours after that.

72-Hour Estimates

We will have an estimate for you within 72 business hours of contact. We know you need to move fast.

Dependable.  Reasonable.  Flexible.  Professional.  Creative.  Adaptive. 

We built Excel Lighting & Signs around these words since our inception in 2006.  We are proud to be a locally owned, Kansas City bred, company. We bleed Kansas City and love working with large and small businesses throughout this great metro area. If you’re in Kansas City looking for custom business signs like neon signs, digital signs or channel letter signs, or exterior business signs like monument signs, we are ready to help you. In need of sign cleaning? Do you have flickering bulbs or lights that are out and need replaced? We can help! 

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Our Simple Process

"Excel was the best choice - honest and quality teamwork..."

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A Note From Our Team

Excel Lighting & Signs is a leading sign company in Kansas City that specializes in a wide range of sign types to help businesses achieve their goals and make a lasting impression. 

Our expertise extends to both outdoor and indoor signs, ensuring that businesses can effectively communicate with potential customers both outside and within their premises.

Understanding the importance of time in the business world, we pride ourselves on rapid turnaround. 

From initial contact to on-site meetings and mock-ups, the our team ensures that we deliver in a timely manner, providing quotes within 24 hours and estimates within 72 business hours. This efficient process enables businesses to move forward quickly with their sign projects and meet their desired timeframes.

We also recognizes the significance of a professional image for businesses. 

We strive to go beyond being a typical sign company by standing out through our dedication to customer care, fair treatment, and building trust. With our dependable, reasonable, flexible, professional, creative, and adaptive approach, we are committed to helping businesses in the Kansas City area, whether large or small, with their custom business signs, including impactful signage like neon signs, digital signs, and channel letter signs.

Whether it’s a single sign or a comprehensive custom signage solution, we understand that each business has unique needs. 

We offer a variety of sign services, including signage installation, sign servicing, LED retrofits, and sign cleaning, to ensure that businesses can find the perfect sign that aligns with their brand and goals. 

Having a reliable signage partner is crucial, and we are proud to be locally owned and bred in Kansas City. Our extensive portfolio of successful sign projects is a testament to our expertise and commitment to delivering outstanding signage elements that enhance businesses’ visibility and success.

We are dedicated to providing businesses with top-quality custom signage solutions that help you achieve your goals and project a professional image. 

With a range of sign types, including pylon signs, and our efficient and customer-focused approach, we are the ideal partner for businesses in the Kansas City area looking to purchase signs and enhance their visual presence.

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