How Much Does a Business Sign Cost?

The cost of a business sign can vary depending on several factors.

The type and size of the sign, materials used, complexity of the design, and additional features like illumination or digital screens all affect the overall cost.

For example, a simple wall-mounted outdoor sign made of plastic and aluminum can start around $900, while a larger and more complex monument sign with a digital message board can cost as much as $100,000.

It’s important for business owners to consider their budget and desired impact when determining the cost of their sign.

Business Sign Cost Examples:

For a non-lit, basic wall-mounted outdoor sign, you can expect a price beginning at around $900. This would be for simple plastic and aluminum signs, fully mounted, and with all installation costs included.

A typical strip-mall channel letter sign for a retail space – one of the most common signs we make and that you see every day, usually around 12 feet long – will average $4,000-6,000. This includes the sign, installation, permitting – everything!

The bigger and more extravagant, the more expensive your sign will be. Complexity, like excavating to install a large monument sign by the road or to run electrical wiring to the location, will increase your signs’ installation costs meaningfully as well.

The most complex sign and extremely large signs – often at the entrance to business parks or health campuses, possibly including a digital message board – can cost as much as $100,000.

What To Expect For Your Business’ Sign Cost

From wall-mounted storefront signs to a ground-mounted monument sign, business signage is more advanced than ever. Your options are wide and varied – so too is signage cost.

Your branding and sign influences the way customers perceive your business before they know anything else. Does your sign convey luxury and elegance, or a relaxed bar scene? It’s all in the design.

If you’re considering outdoor business signs for your location, you’re in the right place. Excel Lighting and Signs is Kansas City’s premier provider of high-quality, well made storefront signs of all kinds. We put together this guide to help you better understand what commercial signs cost before you call us. When you’re ready to learn more, we provide free quotes and free 3D digital renders to help you picture your storefront signs well in advance.

Our prices include everything: we take care of design, permitting, and installation so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Types of Signs We Design, Fabricate, and Install

First off, you’ve got a wide range of options for business signage types. At Excel, we make all of the following (and then some), ordered below from the simplest and most affordable to the most complex and luxurious:

  • Temporary signs
  • Painted glass sign
  • Simple metal lettering
  • Awning signs
  • Non-lighted signs
  • Storefront signs or wall-mounted signs
  • Channel letter signs
  • LED signs or neon signs
  • Monument signs
  • Pylon sign
  • Digital electronic message center (EMC) signs

Business Sign Cost and Prices

Signs costs will vary widely based on size and complexity. Rather than break down costs for every sign type, let’s look at some of the most common sign projects we do and average price or typical range.

Let me also make clear that our sign prices include everything:

  1. A free 3D render and design for your sign
  2. Permitting with your local municipality, including the permit acquisition fee
  3. Sign fabrication
  4. Sign installation
  5. Sales tax

Channel Letter Signs for Strip-Center/Strip Mall Storefront

This is a common storefront sign and one of the most frequent signs we hear about from potential customers.

Generally 10-14 feet long and with 16-inch high letters, a standard sign project like this usually includes lighted channel letters and often a logo. Depending on precise square foot and complexity of the final design, these business signs usually cost between $4,000 and $6,000.

Office or Manufacturing Exterior Larger Signs or Outdoor Lighted Signs

For larger signs that are mounted on big buildings, with lettering often from 20-30 inches in height, costs can rise to $10,000 to $20,00. Several factors are involved in beautiful large-scale business signs like this, including larger equipment, more labor, and of course manufacturing a much bigger sign!

Larger signs cost more…but they also really grab attention.

Monument Signs and Large Pylon Signs

tuthill monument sign

For the most eye-catching signs at large businesses or entrances to business parks, a dedicated ground-mounted sign is the perfect sign.

Monument signs require significant planning, as they necessitate excavation and often trenching to run electrical service to a new location on a property. The same goes for larger signs on pylons – think tall, pole-mounted signs like fast food restaurants.

These signs usually begin at $30,000 and can range to $75,000 or higher.

Digital Signs or Screens

Electronic display

Most common at schools, colleges, and municipalities, you can expect to pay around $100,000 for top-quality large Electronic Message Center (EMC). These digital signs might be necessary when a business needs to change their message frequently.

Other Business Signs

For the simplest of signs and those on a tight budget, we can make a basic business sign with no lighting for a few hundred dollars. A well made business sign that’s little more than lettering generally runs from $800 to $1000.

Our Process And How We Install Signs

Considering a storefront sign of your own? Here’s how it comes together:

  1. Call to discuss your thinking and give us a general idea of the type of sign you want. We’ll also explain some preliminary pricing at this time.
  2. We come out and get photos of your store front, then we create a free rendering of your sign, showing you a few options and how they would look on your business. We provide a quote at this time, but your sign design and mock-up are totally free. We strive for transparency in our process, and on your quote, you’ll see details for every item involved in the final cost: permit acquisition fee, sign manufacturing, sign installation, and sales tax.
  3. If you’re ready to go, we submit a more detailed design to your local municipality to begin the permit process. We’ve been a Kansas City sign company long enough to know how to navigate the many municipalities in our area pretty quickly. We cover the cost of permitting as part of the total package.
  4. Once approved, your sign is fabricated and installed on location, often within 4 weeks of beginning the process. Our installation includes hooking up to existing power if it’s located within 10 feet. Some municipalities require this to be done by an electrician.

That’s it! you’ve got a beautiful, attention-grabbing sign to showcase your business and your capabilities!

Factors That Affect Sign Cost

Permit Procurement Costs

Several factors contribute to the cost of a business sign. Permit procurement costs, which involve fees paid to local authorities for sign installation rights, can vary depending on local regulations and the size and type of the sign. The fabrication and electrical components of the sign, including the materials used and any lighting or digital elements, contribute to the overall cost. The size, complexity, and installation location of the sign also affect the price. As a result, the price range for business signs can vary greatly, from a few hundred dollars for a basic sign to tens of thousands of dollars for larger, more complex signs.

The cost of obtaining permits is a small factor in the overall expense of a sign. This involves fees paid to local or regional authorities for the right to install a sign. The complexity of these costs can vary depending on local regulation, the size and type of sign, and its location.

Fabrication and Electrical Components

The materials and construction of the sign itself represent a substantial portion of the cost. This includes the expenses for the physical materials (like metal, plastic, or wood), as well as any electrical components if the sign is illuminated, a neon sign, or digital. The complexity of the design, the quality of materials, the sign size, and the technology used (such as LED lighting or digital screens) will greatly influence the final price. A smaller sign is simply more affordable.

Custom designs or high-end materials typically increase these costs. Multiple signs will lower the average cost per sign across the installation, but more signs will still increase the overall price.

Sign Installation Costs

Installing a sign can be a complex and costly process, depending on its size, location, and accessories. This includes labor costs for the installation team, equipment rental (like cranes or special tools for large or high signs), and any additional structural support that might be needed. Monument signs, for example, require excavation, concrete, and stonework.

Installation in challenging locations, such as high-rise buildings or busy urban areas, can further increase installation cost. Safety measures, time constraints, and the need for minimal disruption during installation also play a role in determining the overall installation expenses.

Different Types of Storefront Signs

Outdoor Lighted Sign

Outdoor lighted signs are more expensive due to their durability requirements and the inclusion of electrical components for visibility at night.

Metal Lettering and Logo

Metal lettering and logos with no lighting will be more affordable than lighted LED signs.

Printed Vinyl Banners or Fabric Signs

Though we do not make vinyl signs, these are cost-effective, offering a lightweight and versatile option often used for indoor displays or temporary outdoor events.

Pylon Signs and Pole Signs

Pylon signs, often seen at the entrance of businesses, are taller and more expensive due to their large size and structural complexity.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are ground-level structures, typically more expensive due to their robust construction and integration with landscaping.

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are individually crafted 3D letters, often illuminated, and are more costly due to their custom design and intricate manufacturing.

Blade Signs

Blade signs are mounted perpendicular to a building, offering high pedestrian visibility, and can vary in cost based on size and design complexity.

Awning Signs

Awning signs serve a dual purpose of signage and shelter, with costs influenced by the materials used and the complexity of the printed design.

Neon Signs

Neon signs are on the higher end of the cost spectrum due to their custom glasswork and the need for specialized neon gas tubes. Neon signs have largely been replaced by LED signs, which are cheaper, more energy efficient, and still look great.

Church Signs

Church signs vary in cost, from simple, manual letterboards to high-end digital displays, depending on the church’s requirements and budget.

Deciding On The Right Sign Company

For business owners, investing in a well-designed and professionally installed sign is crucial for establishing a strong brand presence and attracting customers. A business sign serves as an important marketing tool and can significantly impact a business’s success. By considering factors like type, materials, design, and installation costs, business owners can make informed decisions and collaborate with a sign company to create a sign that aligns with their brand and budget.

Ready for a free quote and to learn more about your sign options?

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FAQs About Your Business Signs’ Cost

How much does an electronic billboard cost?

A lot! High quality digital signs for billboards can run into the millions to install. While we don’t do full-size billboards, remember that billboard companies have a different pay-back and ROI because they’re selling advertising space rather than hoping to win business themselves. It’s a very different calculation for for a billboard sign company.

What is the business sign design process?

The design process for a business sign typically involves several steps. It starts with a discussion between the business owner and the sign company to determine the type and design of the sign. The sign company will then create a free 3D rendering of the sign to provide a visual representation of how it will look on the business’s storefront. A quote is provided, which includes details of the design, permitting, fabrication, installation, and any applicable taxes. Once approved, the sign is fabricated and installed, often within a few weeks. Depending on local regulations, professional installation may be required, and additional engineering costs may be involved for complex signs that require excavation or electrical work.

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