Custom Business Signage Service: Make Your Brand Impossible to Ignore in Kansas City

Business signage serves a crucial role in brand awareness and recognition. Investing in high-quality, custom-designed signage for your company can yield major benefits when it comes to attracting new customers and reinforcing your brand identity.

Displaying consistent, professional signage across your storefront, vehicles, marketing materials, and other assets helps reinforce your branding and improves recall of your business name. Well-executed signage also gives potential customers a positive first impression that you are an established, reputable company.

According to one study, effective signage can increase sales by 7% and profits by up to 124%.

With custom-designed signage made specifically for your Kansas City company, you can maximize visibility and present your desired brand image. The high ROI and ability to reach new customers makes investing in professional signage well worth the upfront cost.

Benefits of Custom Business Signage

Custom business signage provides a range of benefits that help boost brand awareness and recognition. Some of the key advantages include:

Increasing visibility and grabbing attention – Well-designed custom signs stand out and capture the interest of passersby. Bright colors, unique shapes, and strategic placement make your signage hard to ignore.

Communicating your brand identity – Custom signs allow you to clearly convey your brand image through logos, fonts, colors, and messaging. Your signage establishes consistency across locations to reinforce your brand in customers’ minds.

Differentiating from competitors – Signage creates distinction from competitors through branded design elements tailored specifically for your company. Custom signs make your business stand out in the marketplace.

Improving customer recall of your brand – Unique and recognizable signage boosts brand memorability. When customers pass by your sign, it triggers memories of positive past experiences at your business.

Showing professionalism – High quality, custom-designed signage conveys that your company is reputable, established, and worth your customers’ business. It demonstrates you invest in your brand image.

Types of Signage for Maximum Impact

There are various types of custom business signage that can maximize your brand’s visibility and recognition in Kansas City. Strategically leveraging different sign formats allows you to reach customers at multiple touchpoints.

Outdoor business signs like pylon signs, monument signs, and illuminated channel letters are ideal for attracting attention from passing traffic. Pylon signs can convey a company’s brand from a distance with their tall, narrow profile. Monument signs and illuminated letters provide lasting brand presence and visibility at entrances.

Window graphics and decals on storefronts and interior signs and displays create an immersive brand experience inside your business. Custom window lettering and etched glass stand out, while professional interior signs guide customers. The Ultimate Guide to Business Signs recommends using branded interior displays like trade show booths at events.

Vehicle wrapping can essentially turn company cars and trucks into moving billboards. Custom lettering and decals featuring your business name, logo, and messaging promote your brand wherever your vehicles travel. Sunshine Signs notes that vehicle branding offers high impressions for low cost.

Digital displays like digital posters and video walls allow you to display dynamic branded content and messaging. Digital signage offers flexibility to instantly update menus, sales, promotions and more. It’s an interactive way to reinforce branding and engage customers.

Mistakes to Avoid With Signage

It’s important to avoid common mistakes with business signage that detract from your brand and fail to connect with customers. Here are some key errors to avoid:

Using cheap materials or shoddy construction may seem like a cost-saving tactic, but it results in signs that quickly show wear and look unprofessional, reflecting poorly on your brand. Invest in durable, high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship for long-lasting signs.

Cluttered or confusing messaging on your signs makes it hard for customers to decipher your branding and business focus. Keep signage text short, clear and impactful. Don’t try to cram too much content onto a sign.

Opting for signage trends or gimmicks may generate short-term buzz, but can date your brand or detract from long-term recognition. Classic, consistent branding has more staying power. Don’t abandon core elements that make your brand identifiable.

Failing to update signs as your business evolves is a missed opportunity to connect with customers. As you add locations, products or services, refresh signage to reflect it. Customers will better understand your offerings.

It’s easy to forget about sign maintenance once they are installed. But signs get dusty, dingy and damaged over time. Schedule regular cleaning, checks for damage and lighting bulb replacements. Well-maintained signs make better impressions.

Choosing the Right Kansas City Sign Company

When selecting a sign company for your Kansas City business, you’ll want to ensure they have expertise with custom business signage projects and offer a full range of sign services.

The first and foremost factor to look for in a signage company is their experience and expertise. A reputable company boasts years of experience in designing and installing all types of signage.

Ask potential sign companies to show you examples of past work that is similar to your signage needs. This will demonstrate their capabilities with custom business signs. We advise reviewing a company’s process for designing and creating signage: Ask detailed questions about how they design, manufacture and install to ensure it matches your expectations.

Finally, get quotes from multiple Kansas City sign companies to compare pricing. As Elevated Sign Solutions notes, “Quality, speed, and price should all be weighed equally” when selecting your sign partner. Choose the company that offers the full range of signage with expertise, quality design, and competitive pricing.

Maximizing the Impact of Your Signage

To get the most value from your business signage investment, you’ll want to maximize its impact and visibility. Here are some key tips:

Strategically place signs for maximum visibility. Consider pedestrian and vehicle traffic sight lines and look for prominent locations that capture attention, like on main roads or near intersections.

Keep messaging consistent across signs to reinforce brand recognition. Avoid cluttered or confusing content that dilutes your branding.

Use signage across all customer touchpoints – outdoor, windows, interior, vehicles – for comprehensive brand exposure.

Periodically refresh and update signs to maintain a new and sharp appearance that attracts eyes.

Promote your signs and signage updates on social media and your website to maximize visibility.

Outdoor Sign Options

There are many different types of outdoor signage that businesses can use to maximize their brand visibility and recognition. Popular outdoor signs include:

Monument Signs

Monument signs are freestanding signs placed in front of a business on the ground. They are often made of materials like brick, stone, or metal and can feature custom text, logos, and lighting. Monument signs allow space for changeable text if businesses want to highlight special offers or events.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are tall, freestanding sign structures, typically with the business name positioned high enough to be seen from the road. They are made from materials like wood, metal, and acrylic and can incorporate LED illumination for visibility day and night. Pylon signs are ideal for high traffic and visibility (Source).

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs use three-dimensional, individually illuminated letters and logos, usually made of formed metal or acrylic. The LED lighting makes them highly visible. Channel letters can be mounted directly on buildings or on freestanding frames. They are an eye-catching way to display a business brand.

Window Graphics & Decals

Window graphics and decals can make a big visual impact for relatively low cost. They come in vinyl materials ideal for application on glass. Some window signs incorporate opaque backgrounds with cut-out text and imagery. They are easily changeable for promotions.

Window & Interior Signs

Window decals and graphics are highly effective for grabbing attention and promoting your brand to anyone passing by your business. Going with custom window lettering and illustrations makes your messaging stand out versus generic decals. Strategically place these visuals to maximize visibility day and night. Eye-catching window graphics can boost walk-in traffic.

Inside your offices and other interior spaces, dimensional letters and neon signs add flair while reinforcing your brand identity. Three-dimensional wall letters with creative depth and lighting effects make for unique design accents. Neon signs also attract attention with a colorful, retro vibe. Use these types of signs to spell out your company name, tagline or other messaging. Dimensional letters and neon signs are among the top indoor signs for businesses.

Further, clear and consistent directional signage aids customers in navigating your facility. Directional signs should visually stand out so people can easily spot them. Include prominent arrows or other indicators pointing the way to key locations. By making interior wayfinding straightforward, you’ll provide a better customer experience. Strategically placed digital displays are another modern directional signage option. With custom graphics and illuminated screens, digital signs capture attention while providing helpful information.

Digital Sign Benefits

Digital signage provides a number of unique benefits that can maximize your branding impact compared to traditional static signs. With the ability to display engaging digital content, digital signs grab more attention and leave lasting impressions.

Digital signs are highly eye-catching thanks to their dynamic imagery, video, and animation capabilities. Viewers are naturally drawn to bright, colorful, and rapidly-changing digital displays. You can showcase brand content and messaging in exciting new ways to break through the visual clutter.

Updating your messaging is also much simpler with digital signage. You can remotely change content in real-time instead of having to manually swap out printed boards. This allows you to quickly adapt your branding or promotions to reflect changes.

Digital signs further enable you to integrate with social media for expanded brand reach. You can display user-generated content from platforms like Instagram or Twitter to engage customers. Or you can promote your social media handles to drive traffic and followers.


Investing in custom business signage provides numerous benefits for Kansas City companies looking to increase their brand awareness and recognition. The right signage strategically placed can grab attention, reinforce branding, improve recall, and convey professionalism to attract new customers.

Outdoor monument, pylon, and illuminated channel letter signs along with creative window graphics and wraps make an impact. Interior branded displays and digital signage also play a role in communicating a consistent brand image across all customer touchpoints.

By partnering with an experienced local sign company, Kansas City businesses can develop high-quality, customized signage solutions tailored to their budget and needs. From initial design to permitting, fabrication, installation and maintenance, the right sign partner handles it all.

The time is now for Kansas City companies to take their branding to the next level with professional custom signage that maximizes visibility and memorability. Invest in visually compelling signs that communicate who you are and make people take notice!

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