Tips for Improving Your Business Sign Visibility at Night

There’s no reason to limit the base of your customers by having business signs that are only visible during the day. There are several signage options that can be easily seen at day and night – the trick is to put them in place.

One of the main culprits of signs that can’t be seen during the day is the color of the facing. Dark colors, such as brown, blue, black and green, aren’t as bright as colors such as white, yellow, orange, etc. If you want the “gold standard” for signage visibility at night, then white’s going to be your best option. However, most business owners believe that white isn’t the best color to appeal to customers or the business world in general. As a result, a darker color is selected – especially for branding purposes.

While this isn’t the best option for visibility, there are some options that can help improve poor visibility of your business signage. Keep reading to learn what options are available.

Two-Tone Bright Facings

If your brand uses colors such as hunter green or a darker blue, and you don’t really like white in the mix, but still want visibility after-dark, then make a compromise. Simply adjust the faces of each channel letter and add white to the edges. You can keep the darker tone as is.

The illumination you create will shine brightly around the limited emanation of light from the letter’s center.

Use Overlays of Perforated Vinyl

For the font of your channel letter, you can use vinyl overlays. Use a 70/30 ration. This means that 30 percent of the film’s surface will contain perforations with your desired color that lets the LED lights shine through when it’s dark out, too.

Another option is using a darker vinyl color over your lighter acrylic. This also helps to make your letter more visible. Also, many people believe that the darker vinyl covered face is a more aesthetic appealing option.

An option that’s growing in popularity is reveal letter configuration. With this, lighter colored acrylic faces, and smaller sized dark color vinyl overlays are combined.

The Use of LED Lights

While LED lights are the most common options for bringing the highest quality visibility. However, you can do a bit more experimentation with amplification in several other colors, too.

These lights can help to add a bit of vibrancy to dark color displays. You can add more LEDs to the bigger letters if you are worried about the size of your sign.

As you can see, there are more than a few options available to you if you are trying to make your business signage more visibility at night. You can also work with the pros, who can provide more customized solutions for your specific challenges. Doing so can help ensure you achieve the desired results.

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