The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Evergy LED Rebates for Businesses

Upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting presents a huge opportunity for Kansas City businesses to reduce costs and maximize savings. Utility provider Evergy offers extremely attractive LED rebates to encourage local businesses to upgrade their lighting to high-efficiency LEDs.

Formerly known as Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L), Evergy provides electricity to businesses throughout the metro area. They offer lucrative incentives through their Business Energy Savings program to help companies affordably switch to LED lighting.

Taking advantage of the Evergy LED rebates for upgrading to LEDs can lead to substantial long-term savings for Kansas City businesses. Evergy provides both standard one-for-one rebates and custom incentives for more complex projects. Their rebates can cover a significant portion of the upfront cost of an LED lighting retrofit.

Overview of Evergy’s Business LED Lighting Rebates

Evergy offers several types of rebates to help Kansas City businesses upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting.[1] The main categories of rebates include:

Standard Rebates

Standard rebates are available for common LED lighting upgrades like replacing fluorescent tubes with LED tubes or switching to LED bulbs and fixtures. These rebates cover up to 60% of the project cost, with maximum rebates of $250,000.

Custom LED Rebates

For more complex LED lighting projects, Evergy offers custom rebates tailored to the specific installation. These require pre-approval and are calculated based on the projected energy savings.

LED Retrofit Rebates

Retrofit rebates apply when upgrading an existing lighting system to LED. Evergy provides rebates per watt based on the wattage reduced by switching to LEDs.

New Construction LED Rebates

If building a new facility, businesses can get rebates for choosing energy-efficient LED lighting in the initial construction. Rebates are based on wattage when comparing LEDs to standard lighting.

Evergy offers lucrative incentives to make upgrading to LEDs affordable. Businesses can maximize savings by understanding the different rebate options.

How Much Can Businesses Save with LEDs?

By upgrading from traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting to LEDs, businesses can dramatically reduce their energy usage and costs. LED bulbs use up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 25 times longer. This adds up to major savings.

The average household saves about $225 per year by switching to LED lighting. For a business with significantly more lights, the savings can be substantial. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, widespread adoption of LED lighting by 2035 could lead to over $565 billion in energy savings in the United States alone.

In addition to energy savings, businesses can save on maintenance costs since LEDs last so much longer than traditional bulbs, meaning fewer bulb replacements. The long lifespan and durability of LEDs also leads to savings through avoided labor costs for replacements.

By leveraging Evergy’s generous LED lighting rebates, Kansas City businesses can maximize their return on investment and realize even greater cost savings by upgrading to energy efficient LED lighting.

Evergy’s Rebate Application Process for LED Lighting

Applying for Evergy’s business LED lighting rebates is straightforward, but there are some key items to have ready for a smooth approval process. Evergy provides a rebate application form that must be submitted after installation of new LED fixtures, along with the required documentation.

The main pieces of documentation Evergy requires for LED lighting rebate approval are:

  • Itemized project invoices that show purchases for all equipment, labor, and other costs
  • Product specification sheets (cut sheets) that confirm technical details and qualifications of the new LED fixtures
  • LED fixture schedule detailing quantity, model numbers, and wattage of each new light installed
  • Building floor plans indicating locations of new LED fixtures (only required for major retrofits)

Having clear, organized documentation makes the application process much smoother for both the applicant and for Evergy’s review team. Excel Lighting & Signs can provide guidance on compiling the necessary paperwork and submitting complete, compliant applications to maximize rebate potential.

Working with Excel Lighting Maximizes Evergy Rebate Savings

Partnering with Excel Lighting & Signs ensures your business maximizes potential rebate savings from Evergy’s LED lighting upgrade incentives. With over 15 years serving Kansas City businesses 1, Excel Lighting has the expertise to help identify the most lucrative rebate path for your specific lighting project.

Excel Lighting will evaluate if your business is better off pursuing the standard rebates or if a custom rebate proposal will lead to greater energy and cost savings. They can provide advice on whether retrofit or new construction incentives make the most sense based on your building and goals.

Their team is familiar with all the technical requirements to qualify for Evergy’s rebates. By partnering with Excel Lighting, you can avoid potential mistakes that would cause an application to be denied. This ensures your lighting upgrade and rebate process goes as smoothly as possible while maximizing your return on investment.

Standard LED Rebate Details

Evergy’s standard LED lighting rebates provide incentives for common one-for-one lighting upgrades in existing facilities. Eligible upgrades include:

  • Replacing incandescent bulbs with ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs
  • Replacing fluorescent T8/T12 tubes with reduced wattage T8 LED linear lamps
  • Replacing HID fixtures like metal halide or high-pressure sodium with LED fixtures
  • Replacing CFL hardwired or pin-based fixtures with LED fixtures
  • Retrofitting fluorescent fixtures by removing fluorescent tubes and ballasts and adding LED tubes and drivers

The incentive amounts offered are:

  • $15 per LED tube (Type A and Type B)
  • $25 per LED mogul screw-base or pin-based replacement lamp
  • $50 per LED downlight retrofit or new recessed can fixture
  • $75 per new LED replaces HID fixture
  • $150 per new LED exterior fixtures ≥ 15W replaces HID fixture

Custom LED Rebate Details

For more complex LED lighting projects, Evergy offers custom rebates to help maximize energy and cost savings. Custom rebates provide incentives based on the actual kilowatt-hours saved from the LED upgrade. This means the larger the energy savings, the bigger the potential rebate.

According to Evergy’s incentives brochure, custom rebates can cover up to 75% of the project cost. To qualify, the project must have a minimum payback period of 1 year and the incentives cannot exceed 100% of the incremental project cost.

Some examples of projects that may qualify for custom LED rebates:

  • Replacing older fluorescent and HID fixtures with LEDs
  • Retrofitting existing lighting systems with advanced controls
  • Installing occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting sensors
  • Converting exterior lighting to LED

The process for securing a custom rebate is more involved than the standard rebates. It requires submitting project details, estimated energy savings calculations, equipment specifications, and other documentation prior to starting the upgrade. However, with larger potential rewards, the custom path is ideal for major lighting overhauls.

Retrofit LED Rebate Details

For existing facilities looking to upgrade to more efficient LED lighting, Evergy offers lucrative retrofit rebates. These incentives are available for retrofitting fluorescent, HID, incandescent, halogen and other lighting types to LED technology. According to Evergy’s Energy Efficiency Incentives brochure, retrofit projects are eligible for the following standard rebates:

  • $35 per LED fixture, up to 50% of material cost
  • $45 per LED fixture for exterior applications
  • $95 per LED fixture for high/low bay applications
  • $50 per LED down light fixture
  • $60 per LED high bay/troffer retrofit kit
  • $0.12 per kWh annual energy savings for networked lighting controls

To qualify for the retrofit rebates, existing fixtures must be fully removed and retrofitted to LED technology. Retrofitted fixtures must meet certain efficacy and quality requirements outlined in Evergy’s technical specifications. The LED products must be ENERGY STAR certified or DesignLights Consortium qualified. Proper documentation like invoices and product specs must be submitted with the rebate application.

New Construction LED Rebate Details

For businesses undertaking new construction projects, Evergy offers lucrative incentives to install energy efficient LED lighting. According to Evergy’s Business Energy Savings Program – New Construction handbook, interior lighting incentives are calculated at $0.40 per watt below the approved baseline wattage.

To qualify for the new construction LED rebates, the lighting project must meet the following criteria:

  • New fixtures must be ENERGY STAR or DesignLights Consortium qualified
  • Lighting controls like occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting must be utilized
  • Lighting design must comply with ASHRAE 90.1 standards

Evergy requires pre-approval of all new construction lighting projects before installation begins. Part of this process involves submitting lighting plans, equipment cut sheets, and lighting calculations to Evergy. Working with a lighting expert like Excel Lighting & Signs ensures your new construction lighting meets all program requirements to maximize your incentive amount.

The experts at Excel Lighting & Signs can walk you through the new construction rebate process from start to finish, helping you take advantage of all available incentives and optimize your energy savings. Contact us today for a free consultation on your new construction lighting project!

Start Saving Today with LEDs

The potential cost savings and rebates from switching to energy-efficient LED lighting are enticing for Kansas City businesses. But tackling an LED upgrade project on your own can feel daunting. That’s where the lighting experts at Excel Lighting & Signs can help.

Excel Lighting & Signs has years of experience handling complete LED lighting retrofit projects for Kansas City businesses. They will provide a complimentary consultation to determine the most lucrative Evergy LED rebates available for your business’s unique needs. Excel Lighting will then develop a customized plan to maximize your energy savings and rebate rewards.

Throughout the entire process, Excel Lighting will work closely with you and directly with Evergy to ensure the retrofit goes smoothly and you receive every rebate dollar you qualify for. They will handle all required documentation, applications, and inspections to take the administrative burden off your shoulders.

Don’t leave potential energy savings on the table!

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