Helpful Tips to Ensure Your Signage is as Effective as it Can Be

Signs are a powerful marketing tool for your business. In fact, there’s actual evidence to back up these claims. However, in order to reap all the benefits and power that signs offer, you have to use your signs properly.

Some tips to help you do this can be found here.

Focus on Information

It’s important that you communicate certain things with your signs. While the business name is a staple, you may also want to include other pertinent business information, such as your physical address, email address and phone number. You may also want to include information about promotions, sales and events on your sign. You can leverage indoor signs as tools to let customers know about important information, such as featured products or your refund policy.

Choose Readable Text and Be Concise with Your Messaging

Remember, you won’t have that much space on your sign. Most viewers are only going to have a quick glance at what it says. As a result, you want to ensure the message is clear and easy to read. If you put too much text on a sign that’s going to be viewed from far away, it’s going to be problematic. Larger amounts of text take longer to read. This is a point that is especially important for your outdoor signage.

It’s recommended that you use a combination of both upper- and lower-case letters to make the information on the sign easier to process. Also, think about the typeface you choose – it needs to be easy to read, not decorative. As a best practice, try to stick to just one font, too.

Consider Color Carefully

The way that you approach the color of your sign is important. This is going to be one of the main components that determines how much impact your sign has.

While there is still some debate on what colors to use, there is a significant amount of research that states red is going to increase excitement, while blue helps people feel calmer. Some other helpful information about color is listed here:

  • Black/white or grey: calm, neutrality, balance
  • Purple: wisdom, imagination, creativity
  • Red: boldness, youth, excitement
  • Blue: strength, dependability, trust
  • Orange: confidence, cheerfulness
  • Green: health, growth, peacefulness
  • Yellow: warmth, clarity, optimism

As you can see, the colors you use can impact how your customers feel about your brand. Be sure to keep this in mind when you are trying to create an effective marketing sign.

If you are having a sign created for your business, you have to take your time and consider the elements and components here carefully. There’s no point in creating a sign that’s not going to help you gain customers or attract their attention. Make sure you also work with a quality, professional sign manufacturer to ensure your vision is created successfully. This will help ensure you ger exactly what you want and that it helps you achieve your marketing goals.

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