Indoor vs. Outdoor Signage: Important Differences You Should Know

A key part of any effective marketing strategy is to use signs to advertise where your business is and what it has to offer. In fact, it’s your sign that is going to attract approximately have of all of a startup’s new customers. Also, 83 percent of business owners who purchased an LED sign noticed an increase in sales.

While commercial signs offer an array of benefits, it is easy for businesses to mess up their entire advertising strategy and render the signs completely ineffective. In some cases, businesses forget to alter the sign strategy based on if it is installed inside or outside of the business.

While signs both inside and outside of your business serve a similar purpose – to increase your profits – your outdoor and indoor signage strategies should have noticeable differences. A few subtle, yet important ways that good signs are different based on their location can be found here.

Indoor Signs Inform and Outdoor Signs Attract

To begin with, your outdoor and indoor signs should always deliver a unique message because they have different functions. For example, an outdoor sign’s purpose is to reach people who may have never heard of your business or knew that it existed. It should also include the name of your company and something that is going to pique the interest of people passing by.

With indoor signs, you need to convey information about sales, prices, and what items are available. After all, you have already convinced a customer to come inside your store.

A good example here is a coffee shop. The outdoor sign at the shop should provide a hint that the business sells the best, artisan espresso and coffee. Indoor signs need to explain what roasts are available, while working to keep pulling customers “deeper” with information about affordability, quality, and the overall “awesomeness” about the business.

Indoor Signs are Dynamic and Outdoor Signs are Durable

An outdoor sign should be designed with sturdy materials that can withstand the elements. They should also be visible from a distance to attract passing pedestrians and drivers. As a result, they need to be designed to last with materials that are weather resistant. Be sure to schedule regular repairs and maintenance to keep the signage looking appealing and fresh.

To compare, an indoor advertisement needs to include custom signs that are able to be changed. Indoor signs need to be easy to take down and to change when you have new products or deals. Chalkboards digital signboards, and even flyers may make sense as indoor signs since it’s easy to change the information that is being displayed.

Get Your Message Across

When it comes to ensuring your message is clear, you need to make sure you are using the proper tools. This include signage that is right for indoor and outdoor use. Work with a professional sign company to ensure that the signage solutions you choose meet your needs and get your message across.  Contact Excel Lighting & Sign today for help!

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