Is Your Kansas City Business ADA Compliant?

Braille Signs Don’t Have to be Boring!

Restaurants, schools, hotels, public libraries, and all businesses that cater to the public are required to have ADA-compliant signage.  The ADA, otherwise known as the Americans with Disabilities Act, was signed into law by George H.W. Bush and was designed to provide those who are physically or mentally disabled with sufficient access to public and commercial businesses.  The ADA Standards for Accessible Design is a standard required by the ADA in section 703.3.  Essentially, Braille lettering should accompany signage.  Are the signs in your Kansas City business ADA compliant? 

The great thing about ADA-Braille signs is that they don’t have to be dull or boring, and can be custom designed to actually enhance the atmosphere and style of your business.  You may have signs currently that you believe are ADA compliant, but that might not be at all. 

Some reasons signs are not ADA compliant include:

  • Wrong font – character size is regulated, and should be sans serif
  • Character spacing
  • Character height
  • Braille compliance in terms of dot structure, cell spacing, and placement
  • Correct location of sign in terms of height

The fact that you must have ADA-compliant signs does not necessarily mean they also need Braille.  Determining which of your public or commercial locales must have Braille included depends on requirements of other government entities such as the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), OSHA, and other agencies.  It all sounds quite confusing and complex, and it can be.  However you can learn more about ADA signs and Braille signs by visiting here.

It’s vital that you keep your business legal, and that those who are disabled can enter your place of business with the access to information they need.  We’ve all seen ADA signs that are drab, plain, dull, and to put it bluntly, ugly.  While business owners want to provide the information those who are disabled need, understandably you also want signs that are attractive and that blend in or enhance your decor.  Color, design elements, textiles – all of this can make a huge difference between ADA or braille signs that are “blah,” and those that are distinguished and cohesive in your overall decor. 

At Excel Lighting & Signs, we are ready to help you become ADA compliant today.  Our ADA Braille signs can be customized to your unique needs, while keeping you legal so you can avoid substantial fines!  Contact us today for all of your signage needs.

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