Signs it is Time for You to Invest in LED Lighting

Making the decision of whether or not you should invest in energy-efficiency is a decision that your business has to make alone. In many cases, an energy-efficiency investment is going to yield a higher return on investment then you may realize. Learning some of the signs that may indicate it is time to consider investing in LED lighting can be found here.

Your Utility Costs are Extremely High

When you cut the watts you use in your facility, you can also cut your expenses. With this in mind, your utility bill is always going to reflect what you use and if you begin saving energy today with an updated lighting system, you will already be saving when the utility costs go up.

You’re Searching for New Ways to Reduce Business Overhead

While an upgraded lighting system will require an initial investment, it is going to pay for itself in the long run. With careful planning and the right lighting team, you will find that you are saving energy each day the new system is in place.

Your Maintenance Budget is Crazy

Do you have a facility that has dozens of different types of blubs throughout? Do you have an atrium, auditorium or parking lot that has lights that are unable to be reached without some type of lift? If so, then your maintenance spending is going up each time a single lamp has to be replaced. Your maintenance staff may also be spending excessive amounts of time tending to burnt out lamps or ballasts that are failing. With an LED lighting upgrade, you can streamline what is used at your facility, schedule when re-lamps need to be done and improve your maintenance budget significantly.

Your Existing Lighting is Outdated or Ugly

Mis-matched fixtures and bulbs in the same room can be quite the eye sore. This is especially true if you have a few bulbs with a yellow hue, while others are bright white. Even worse, if you still have high pressure sodium lamps in the parking lot that are an orangish color. Regardless of what is currently installed, a lighting upgrade can eliminate these outdated looks and ensure the light throughout your facility is uniform.

You Don’t Want to Have to Worry about Your Lighting System again for at Least a Decade

While a LED lighting upgrade doesn’t mean that you will absolutely never have to do anything to your lighting system and it won’t be 100 percent maintenance free, it will reduce the work that it requires. In fact, many of these systems come with warranties of five to 10 years. That alone tells you a lot about the longevity of these systems.

If you have been considering a lighting upgrade, the information here provides you a few good reasons to make the investment now. It will be well-worth it in the long run. Contact Excel Lighting today to talk about options for a commercial LED retrofit.

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