Tips for Cleaning Your Digital Signage

If you want to enhance the visibility and durability of your digital signage, cleaning it is essential. Dirt and dust buildup can cause serious issues for the screen displays and digital components.

Along with that, a dirty sign, regardless of if it is a malfunctioning display, broken bulb, or smudged screen, will make your business look bad and keep people from knowing what you do, who you are, and being able to understand your messaging.

While cleaning the sign is important, it is equally important to ensure you are doing this right. Regardless of the type of digital sign you have, it is important to ensure it is properly maintained. Maintenance for your digital signage includes cleaning it, making replacements, and repairs, as needed.

The Impact of Weather on Digital Signage

Usually, digital signs are made of LED or LCD screens that are not cheap and can be damaged by rain, wind, fog, and dust. The moisture produced by fog may also lead to reduction, oxidation, and corrosion. Environmental dust and dirt can accumulate in various sign elements and cause them to malfunction and overheat. Because of this, if you have not put up LED or LCD enclosures, be sure that you clean the signs often to maintain their high quality.

The Importance of Keeping Your Digital Signs Clean

Digital signage needs to be dusted regularly. This can be done by wiping the surface or with air. Grime, dust, and dirt can cause damage to the copper connections and interfere with the other equipment, eventually reducing the overall light quality. Making sure your digital sign remains clean is good for your business’s image, too. Most customers agree that your sign will reflect the quality of your services and products.

Tips for Cleaning the Exterior of Your Digital Sign

Make sure to do a more extensive cleaning of your sign once per month. After you have unplugged the cables and removed the equipment, you can begin cleaning the sign.

You can use a high-power wash to loosen any accumulated dust and dirt. Be sure to stand back from the sign and don’t use over 200 PSI pressure. If you have smaller exterior signs, you can hand wash them using a microfiber cloth and mild detergent.

If it is impossible to remove dust and debris from the narrow areas, try compressed air. After spraying the compressed air, the dust and debris will land on the signboard surface. At this point, you can use a microfiber cloth to wipe off this debris from the surface of the sign.

Hire the Professionals for Help

If you aren’t sure you can handle your digital signage cleaning process on your own, a smart option may be to hire professionals. They can help ensure your sign is clean and looks great. You can hire these services and choose the frequency of their services. The goal is to minimize issues with the sign and ensure it looks great for everyone passing by.

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