Push Through Acrylic signage

Push Through acrylic signs are gaining popularity recently.  We have sold numerous sign projects with this type of construction.   Push through acrylic is becoming an alternative to standard channel letter signage for many businesses.  Cities are allowing push through cabinet construction signs to be permitted.  It is a nice replacement for a standard cabinet type sign.

In a push through acrylic sign, the text/logo is "pushed through" the surface of the face of the sign.  As you will see in this up close image, the acrylic sticks out 1/2" from the face.  This is done by routing out the cabinet with the text/logo and placing a piece of 3/4" acrylic in the opening.  This creates the 1/2" push through effect.  This can then be enhanced by adding a layer of vinyl to achieve certain colors or looks. Clear or white acrylic is most commonly used.

When this type of sign construction is used, ONLY the part of the sign in push through acrylic will illuminate at night.  The entire cabinet would not illuminated as most of it is made out of solid aluminum face material.

You can also create an amazing affect by "halo" lighting or "back" lighting the entire cabinet if you stand it off the wall a couple inches and add LED illumination to the back of the cabinet.

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