6 Factors That Influence The Cost Of Business Signage

As business owners look into getting signage for their storefronts and other physical locations, the price of how much this will cost is often a first thought. Because every business is unique, this is a hard question to answer. But there are a handful of variables that play into the final cost you can expect. From the size and complexity of the sign to the material it’s made of, these all influence the final sticker price you will pay. Learn more about these factors and how much you can expect to pay for your next business sign.

Sign type

Depending on the type of sign you choose, this can greatly impact the cost of your total project. While some signs include simple metal letter cutouts, others may be monuments or push-through letter cutouts. Be sure to ask for a pricing breakdown of each sign type if you’re shopping on a budget. This will help you know what signs are affordable for you.


Beyond the sign type, if you want your sign to light up, this is an additional cost. Some signs like halo-lit signage has lights included in the design while others can use additional lighting to illuminate the business name or logo. Illumination can be added to any sign type, but some signs will be more expensive than others with this feature.

Sign size

Like many other purchases, the larger the sign, the most expensive it will be. This is because of the material needed to make the signage. Each business is different, but you can ask how this gets priced out.


The type of material you want to create your sign with will considerably influence the overall cost. Materials like wood, metal, and acrylics all have different price points for commercial signage. Remember that the materials you choose may also influence how long your sign will last, as some products are more durable than others. Your sign will be out in the elements after all.

Turnaround time

If you need your sign done in a rush, this can require additional fees and costs. Many businesses will give you a time estimate up front so you know if it fits within your needs or not from the start. Depending on how much goes into your design, if the materials are in stock currently or not, and shipping estimates, these can all effect how long it takes for you to get your final product ready for install.

Installation needs

Speaking of installation, it’s important to ask if your sign purchase includes installation or not – and whether or not you need it. Some signs can relatively easily be installed and placed on your property, while others require special tools and materials to attach the sign to your business. Be sure to ask if installation costs are included in your quote or not.

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