Benefits of Installing Motion Sensors with Your LED Retrofit Project

Chances are you already know the many benefits associated with installing LED lighting. Some of the most appealing include safety, cost, and quality; however, did you know that you can maximize the benefits further? When investing in a LED retrofit, you can help to further reduce business overhead, as well as environmental impact by installing lighting control devices or motion sensors.

Motion sensors have been around for many years and you may even currently have them in your home. In the past, these devices were somewhat unreliable and would come on due to a passing moth; however, thanks to advancements in technology, they are much more efficient and reliable today.  

Daylight Linked Controllers

These are designed to detect ambient light conditions and automatically switch the lights off, on or dim them to maintain proper levels. These are extremely useful for industries, such as retail and hospitality, where being able to control the light is of particular importance.

Occupancy Motion Sensors

Occupancy sensors use Ultra Sonic or Passive Infrared technology to detect movement and light up occupied locations, as required. All of these have benefits based on the characteristics of the space. Some of the options to consider include:

  • Passive Infrared (PIR): This type of lighting control detects the difference in the heat emitted by humans in motion. They can detect movement in the field of view, but not through objects and there is no way to adjust the sensitivity. These are typically used as security lights for both commercial and residential buildings.
  • Ultra-Sonic Sensors: Use sound waves for detecting motion. You can easily adjust the detection zone and sensitivity and are the ideal option for smaller rooms, such as an office.
  • Microwave sensors: These utilize Doppler technology to measure the change in frequency when motion is detected. They don’t require line of sight and can “see” through objects (except metal). This is the ideal option for larger spaces such as warehouses.

Improve Your LED Retrofit with Motion Sensors

If you are already planning on having a LED retrofit completed for your building, then installing sensors at the same time makes sense. This allows you to benefit from the advanced technology offered by LED bulbs, without having to invest in a complete redesign while ensuring they only turn on when they are actually needed. This helps you save even more money, which makes it a smart investment for any business – regardless of size or industry.  

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