Benefits of Upgraded Lighting Beyond Energy Savings

While one of the main reasons you may be planning on upgrading your existing lighting is the energy savings this offers, did you know there are other benefits offered, as well? Many people don’t realize the far-reaching benefits offered by upgraded lighting, which makes their investment even more worthwhile. Some of these additional benefits are found here.

Function: A lighting system that just works better.

Even though this isn’t something that happens very often, there are some clients who just want a lighting solution that will make their current lighting system work better for them. Upgrading your existing lighting can provide you with a sustainable, maintenance saving and controllable system that better meets the needs of your facility. If you still use outdated T12 fluorescent technology or have no controllability over the system, then it may be time to consider an upgrade. For example, with a lighting upgrade you can have a LED and T8 system installed with sensors and dimming features.

Flexibility: Retrofitting can be done over time.

In many situations, business owners don’t have the budget to handle an entire project all at once; however, they know that having a smart plan can provide dramatic results. As a result, many clients may decide to address areas of concern first and then take care of smaller projects as time passes. Regardless of if the project involves common areas such as hallways, parking lot lights or even a gymnasium, every usage reduction can add up and help.

Safety, Aesthetics and Maintenance: Improve more than just your looks.

Not only can new lights improve energy efficiency, but they can also improve the safety and look of a space. Old, outdated fixtures aren’t just an eyesore, they can actually be quite dangerous. If you don’t take steps to have them replaced, you may suffer serious consequences down the road. Also, with new, modern fixtures in place, the maintenance requirements are going to be minimized. This means that you won’t have to spend as much money over time to keep the new lights working efficiently.

As you can see, there are quite a few impressive benefits offered by upgrading your lighting, beyond just the energy savings you may experience. While this is definitely a benefit worth considering, there are others that make a lighting upgrade well-worth the investment. Keeping the information here in mind can help you see why this makes sense for your business.

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