Business Sign Data: The Data-Backed Guide to Maximizing Visibility and Sales

According to a survey, roughly 60% of businesses across industries reported an average sales increase of about 10% when they installed new signage.

This eye-opening statistic demonstrates the immense power of signage to boost brand awareness, attract new customers, and directly impact the bottom line for small businesses. With the right signage, a small business can transform into a local icon and highly visible community fixture.

Why Signage is Critical for Small Businesses

Signage serves several crucial functions for small businesses. Most importantly, signage grabs the attention of people passing by and communicates key information about your business, including your name, hours, phone number, and website. Well-designed signage reinforces your brand identity with colors, logos, and messaging that are consistent with your brand style. Signage also helps differentiate you from competitors. Unique, eye-catching signs can make you stand out from other businesses and give potential customers a reason to choose you.

According to a study, signage resulted in a 4-12% increase in foot traffic and sales. Another survey found that 68% of customers said signage was somewhat or very influential in their decision to try a new business. Great signage communicates professionalism and legitimacy 24/7, even when your business is closed. Investing in well-designed signage can pay major dividends for small business visibility and brand identity.

Types of Signage for Small Businesses

There are several types of signage that small businesses can utilize to attract attention and communicate their brand identity. Some of the most common and effective signage options include:

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor business signs come in many varieties, but some popular choices are:

  • Monument signs – Freestanding signs with the name and/or logo installed permanently on a frame at ground level. Often seen by major roads and in plazas/commercial areas.
  • Pole signs – Attached perpendicularly to a pole and offer great visibility. Best situated close to or on premises.
  • Hanging/projecting signs – Mounted to the building façade and protrude over the entrance. Help catch the eye of passing foot traffic.
  • Illuminated signs – Any sign that is lit up internally or externally. Draw attention after daylight hours.

Window Signs

Window signs allow for promotional messaging and brand awareness right at the storefront. Options include:

  • Vinyl decals – Offer a simple, affordable option for custom designed window graphics.
  • Neon signs – Eye-catching for nighttime visibility.
  • Etched/frosted vinyl – Gives a frosted glass look for privacy or design.
  • Window clings – Temporary signage that sticks on the interior without adhesives.

Benefits of Great Business Signage

Business signage provides a multitude of benefits that can greatly support a small business’s success. Well-designed signage boosts brand awareness and makes it easier for customers to locate your store. Other key benefits include:

Increased Brand Awareness & Recognition

Outdoor business signs and branded storefront signage raise awareness of your brand to people passing by your location. Even when your business is closed, the signage continues marketing your brand 24/7. Effective signage can boost brand recognition by over 80%.

Higher Foot Traffic and Walk-ins

Eye-catching and engaging signage draws people’s attention, enticing passersby to come in and check out your store. Studies show that signage can increase retail foot traffic by up to 17% or more. For restaurants, signage promotes impulse dining and can increase walk-ins by up to 20%.

Communicates Professional Image

Well-designed signage shows customers that you are a legitimate, professional business that cares about aesthetics and branding. This instills confidence in your business and makes a great first impression.

Allows Customers to Easily Find Your Location

Proper business signage enables customers to quickly identify and find your physical location. Well-placed signs make it easy for vehicular traffic and pedestrians to spot your storefront. This also aids in navigation for first-time visitors.

Creating Effective Signage

An effective business sign should quickly communicate key information and grab attention. Here are some tips for creating signage that works:

  • Use a clear, easy-to-read font like Arial or Helvetica so that customers can quickly see your business name, hours, and other info from a distance.
  • Include essential business details like your name, logo, phone number, website, and address. This gives customers the info they need to contact you or find your location.
  • Make sure your colors, fonts, and logo align with your overall brand identity. This helps reinforce brand recognition.
  • Craft brief, attention-grabbing messaging using power words that speak to your audience. Avoid cluttered, overly wordy signage.

An effective sign should be readable at a glance, while communicating your brand personality. Prioritize key information you want customers to immediately see and remember. A study found that the average shopper makes a decision about entering a store within 3 to 7 seconds of looking at the sign, so make sure yours makes a strong first impression.

Signage Location

Choosing the optimal location for your business signage is crucial. Signs need to be placed in visible, high-traffic areas to maximize impressions and exposure.

According to research, the most obvious placement for signage is on your storefront entrance, above or beside the doors customers use to enter. This ensures people see your branding and store info as they approach your location.

Other prime spots for signage visibility include above checkout counters inside the store, on customer parking signposts, at eye level on the exterior of your building, or along busy streets and intersections nearby. Your sign should be noticeable from cars and pedestrians passing by your location. Avoid placing signs too high or in obscure areas that limit visibility.

Proper lighting is also key for sign visibility. Research shows that illuminated and backlit signs can increase impressions by up to 150 percent after dark. Internally lit signs also help your branding stand out at night. Consider lighting options like LEDs or backlighting for maximum impact.

Sign Maintenance

A well-maintained sign shows customers that a business cares about presenting a professional image and keeping information up-to-date. Faded, damaged, or outdated signs reflect poorly on a company and indicate a lack of attention to detail.

It’s important for small business owners to regularly inspect their signs for any needed repairs like replacing bulbs or fixing flickering lights. Having all lighting fully functional ensures maximum visibility and readability after dusk. Signage should also be checked for any cracks, damages, graffiti or peeling that diminishes its appearance over time.

In addition, signs should always display current business information. Outdated details like old hours of operation or incorrect phone numbers give customers a bad impression. Small business owners must stay on top of making any necessary updates so signage accurately reflects important contact details, addresses, and brand messaging.

Investing in professional periodic sign maintenance demonstrates a commitment to quality and keeps branding looking its best. This helps small businesses stand out while reinforcing a positive, reliable image.

Signage Statistics Small Businesses Should Know

According to some studies, signage can have a significant and direct impact on small business sales and revenue.

One survey showed that roughly 60% of small business owners reported an increase in sales after enhancing the visibility and design of their signage.

Another study found that 50% of new customers are drawn into a small business because of their signage. Effective signs along busy streets and intersections can grab the attention of potential new customers and drive additional walk-in traffic.

Research also indicates that small businesses with well-designed signage that properly represents their brand identity see upwards of 13% higher revenue compared to businesses that don’t prioritize their signs.

The statistics clearly show that investing in compelling, strategic signage should be a priority for small business owners seeking to boost brand awareness and sales.

Digital Sign Benefits

Digital signage offers some key advantages over traditional static signage that small businesses should consider:

Backlit and digital signs can significantly increase the number of impressions and views your signage receives. According to research, digital displays can achieve up to 500% more views than static signs 1. The vibrant, illuminated displays are proven to grab more attention.

Digital signs also lead to higher engagement levels. The dynamic visuals and motion of digital signage hold people’s attention for longer. Studies show that digital signage can boost engagement by over 150% compared to print displays 2. This engagement makes key messaging more impactful.

By leveraging these digital advantages, small businesses can create signage that leaves a lasting impression, stands out, and effectively promotes their brand to passersby.


In conclusion, investing in high-quality, professional business signage can provide tremendous value for small businesses looking to boost brand awareness, attract new customers, and drive sales. The right signage clearly communicates your business name, logo, services, products and contact information at a glance. It reinforces your brand identity 24/7 and differentiates you from competitors. From outdoor monument signs to digital displays and creative window graphics, there are many impactful signage options to attract foot traffic to your store.

Great signage delivers an unforgettable first impression for potential customers passing by your location. It indicates you are a legitimate, established business and helps customers easily find your entrance. Maintaining clean, updated signage and taking advantage of modern digital displays can further maximize your sign’s effectiveness. Given the proven sales, brand awareness and revenue benefits, every small business owner should consider signage an essential marketing investment.

Don’t leave your business identity up to chance. Invest in compelling signage that builds your brand and drives sales today.

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