Helpful Tips to Create an Effective and Branded Sign for Your Business

There are a few benefits offered by making your small business seem larger than what it really is. Being able to make your business seem bigger means that customers will be more likely to take your business seriously and boost customer’s trust.

The good news is you don’t have to have a large business to be well-known in the area. The right signage is going to help you create the image that your business is more established, more dependable, and larger.

Keep Things Simple

Larger brands all have something in common – they keep their signage simple. From Walmart to McDonald’s and all the most well-known brands around the world, one thing you will notice is that their signs are simple. The benefit of this is that they are much easier to recognize. Many small business owners opt to do the opposite of this and invest in signage that includes every detail of the business. This is a trade-off and one you have to consider carefully. By keeping your signage simple, you will make your brand more memorable to consumers.

List Your Online Information on Your Signs

Your online presence is one of the most obvious signs that your business is larger than its offline presence. Building and creating a website is an effective way to increase your business’s perceived size. Make sure you include the name of your business and your slogan on your signage. It’s also smart to include your social media pages. This shows that your business can be reached globally.

Avoid Using More Localized Terms and Phrases

If you create a highly local business, it is going to seem much smaller than it is. By using the name of your city or even the approximate location in the name of your business and particularly in your signage, your business will seem local, rather than like a bigger brand. However, when you use the name of your business that isn’t restricted to a specific location, it makes the business seem much bigger than it is. This is why it is a good idea to eliminate any geographical names if you want to ensure your business seems larger and more established.

Create a Brand for Your Business

As a small business owner, you have to pay attention to your branding. You may prefer marketing efforts that are more measurable. Even though branding may not be essential for your business, it is valuable. You can use your signage to help establish your brand.

Work with the Professionals to Create the Signage You Need

When it comes to your business signage, getting it “right” may be more challenging than it seems at first. However, when you work with the professionals you can create the branded business signage that you want and need. Contact Excel Lighting & Sign today!

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