Helpful Tips to Adopt LED Lighting into Your Healthcare Facility

When many clients start thinking about replacing their existing lighting with LEDs, they often have concerns about downtime and cost. The fact is, LED lighting is thought of as a commodity that many healthcare facilities just can’t afford.

As a result, better lighting is an initiative that’s pushed to the bottom of the priority list. However, if lighting represents up to 15 percent of a facility’s total energy consumption and as much as 43 percent of electrical use, it’s high time to be more strategic about the lighting solutions used.

One of the best things about an LED retrofit is that a healthcare facility doesn’t have to break its budget or experience a large amount of downtime for the upgrade. In fact, the move to LED lighting has resulted in cost-savings and improved efficiencies for most facilities that have made the upgrade.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits offered by LED retrofits for a healthcare facility here.

Retrofit Products

There are many top manufacturers, such as GE, Eaton, Acuity, and Hubbell that offer retrofit LEDs that are outfitted with the kits that make replacing an entire fixture unnecessary. This can lead to significant savings when just the bulb has to be replaced. Also, the installation process is much faster.


There are many areas that offer utility rebates to encourage businesses to operate greener. While the rebates are going away as the legislation regarding environmental impact are becoming stricter, there are some that are still available. The company that is hired to help with the LED retrofit project will likely be able to provide some insight on some of the rebates that are still available.

Increased Financing Options

With the increasing demand for retrofits, there are now new financing options for a healthcare facility that may not have been able to afford the initial cost in the past. In fact, there are several options available; however, they all fall into two categories (for the most part):

  • Capital leases
  • Operating leases

It is crucial for a facility manager to fully understand the options that are available to choose the one that best suits their needs. The professionals hired to handle the retrofit project can usually provide more insight on these options, too.

RoHS Compliant Recycling Programs

The majority of healthcare facility clients that make the upgrade to LED lighting are going to replace the outdated fluorescent lights they have in place. However, since fluorescent bulbs have mercury in them, they can’t be thrown out. There are RoHS compliant recycling programs available, and it’s necessary to find this when getting rid of these bulbs. This is something else the professional can likely assist with.

When it comes to investing in an LED retrofit for a healthcare facility, there is no question that it offers more than a few benefits. If a company is thinking about making this investment, they should consider the benefits here to see why it is such a good idea.

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