The Importance of Commercial LED Lighting Maintenance

As a facility or maintenance manager, it is your job to keep all systems in proper, working order.

Weak lights and lack of commercial LED lighting maintenance can create a real problem.

If a light blows, it may mean there is a complete halt to productivity until an electrician can be called to change the bulb.

One high bay light replacement may cost you more than $500, which doesn’t include the cost of the high bay, to begin with.

The question is – what is a viable solution for this all-too-common problem?

One of the best solutions is to replace your old lights by investing in a LED retrofit. This can significantly reduce the commercial lighting maintenance you need, which reduces your overall costs.

Making a Switch to LEDs

There are several reasons to make the change to commercial LED lighting. Not only will it may your business operations easier, but can also help reduce your overhead costs that have kept you from investing in other endeavors. Learning the specific benefits offered by a LED retrofit can help you see why this is a smart option.

Commercial LED Retrofits Provide a Longer Lifespan

Commercial LED bulbs last up to 20 times longer than the older version that most business still uses. This means that while your old metal halide high bay may blow ever few years, quality LED products can last for up to seven years. This can save your business both time and money.

LED Retrofit Lights Feature Robust Construction

One of the biggest issues with old technology commercial lights is that they were not built to last. Certain components are made out of glass, and they operate at temperatures that reach over 1000 degrees Celsius. This means that vibrations from production may lead to breakage and the high temperatures present a fire hazard.

However, when you choose quality commercial LED lights, you have lighting options that are built with longevity and robustness in mind. This makes them extremely resistant to any external impact, and the lower temperatures mean they last longer. This helps to eliminate unnecessary and frequent light changes.

LED Lighting Works Well in Extreme Temperatures

Many commercial properties house large machinery that makes the temperatures inside extremely high. This poses a problem for some lighting options. However, this is not an issue when you install high-quality commercial LED lamps. They can operate efficiently in both extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures.

The Truth about Commercial LED Lighting Maintenance

When it comes to ensuring the efficiency and longevity of your commercial lighting systems, investing in proper maintenance becomes crucial. LED lighting fixtures present a modern solution that not only improves energy efficiency but also reduces maintenance costs for commercial buildings. By making a switch to commercial LED lighting, you can benefit from longer lifespans of LED bulbs – up to 20 times longer than traditional options like fluorescent lights or incandescent bulbs. The robust construction of LED retrofit lights ensures durability and resistance to external impacts, making them ideal for industrial facilities where vibrations and extreme temperatures are common factors affecting light fixtures.

By implementing a LED retrofit project for your commercial lighting solutions, you can achieve significant energy savings while maintaining the desired light level in your facility. LED lighting fixtures are highly energy-efficient and can operate effectively in extreme temperatures, ensuring consistent lighting performance even in challenging environments. Upgrading to light-emitting diode technology not only enhances the aesthetics of your commercial buildings but also reduces maintenance efforts and costs associated with frequent light changes. For industrial facilities seeking reliable and cost-effective lighting solutions, investing in commercial LED maintenance is a strategic choice that offers long-term benefits in energy efficiency and overall lighting performance.

That commercial lighting maintenance is much easier and more affordable when you upgrade and invest in a Led retrofit. Contact the professionals to learn more about this option and the many benefits it offers.   

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