The Importance of Cooling Fans for Your LED Sign

In Kansas City, the summers can be brutal. Each year the area seems to top last year’s high, making the outside world a miserable, hot mess. Not only do high temperatures cause heat exhaustion and dehydration, but they may also have a negative impact on your LED sign. After investing the money to have this outdoor advertisement created, the last thing you want is for high temperatures to ruin your investment.

The Impact of Heat

Has your computer ever felt hot to the touch and froze while you were working on something? Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road because your car overheated? Like other electronics, excessive heat is a serious cause of concern for modern LED signs.

To function at their best, LED signs must stay cool. This is also necessary to ensure the electronic components and pixels do not burn out. For higher resolution signs, especially when pixels are very close together, making sure the sign remains cool takes a bit of ingenuity and innovation.

Keeping Your Sign Cool

Usually, the best solution for keeping your LED sign safe from heat and other elements is fans. These will control the temperature inside and around the sign and help to keep all the interior components cool. Using ventilation fans can bring outside cooler air in, which will keep the temperature stable. Another type of fan used is a mixing fan, which can circulate the air that is already inside the display.

It is important to note that LED signs are also designed to reduce their brightness from the inside to help reduce the temperature and avoid more serious damage.

Fans are considered the industry standard and LED sign manufacturers have used them for several years because of how effective they are at keeping the signs cool and safe from more serious damage.

While fans are often necessary for LED signs, they are not always required. You may have a sign that was designed, built, and install with no fans. This is possible, so don’t be alarmed if your sign does not have this feature.

Work with an LED Sign Designer for the Best Results

If you want to feel confident the LED sign you have designed works well and that it can stand up to the elements, including extreme heat, be sure to find and hire a quality sign designer. They will ensure the sign has all the components needed for safe and ongoing operation. This will also help ensure that your sign provides the messaging your business needs to be found by more customers.

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