Important Information About LED Retrofitting

Are you concerned that the current energy consumption by the fluorescent lamps in your commercial facility is getting too high? If so, LED retrofitting may be the ideal solution.

According to information from the DOE, about three-fourths of your commercial building’s energy consumption is caused by linear fluorescent lamps. With this in mind, you can imagine the amount of energy you could save by making a change to a more energy-efficient option, such as LEDs.

By now, you probably know about all the benefits of LEDs. They are energy efficient and can improve the lighting in your commercial space. However, if you aren’t sure if LED retrofitting is right for you, keep reading.

LED Retrofitting Explained

The term “LED retrofitting” means upgrading your existing lighting fixtures to more energy-efficient LED options. “Retrofit” may sound fancy, but it just means “conversion.” You can convert your outdated lighting technology with LED retrofitting, such as HID, fluorescent, or CFL, to more advanced lighting tech, like LED.

When to Consider LED Retrofitting

There are a few reasons you should consider a LED retrofit for your property. While this is true, not all properties require this. Some questions to consider to figure out if this would be beneficial for you include:

  • How old is your property?
  • Do you want to minimize energy costs?
  • Do you want more control over the lighting system?
  • Are you spending more on maintenance than expected for your lighting system?
  • Are you concerned about the environment?
  • What is your current energy consumption for lighting?

You can figure out if an LED retrofit would make sense for your property by answering these questions.

LED Retrofit Types

It is important to note that LED retrofitting does not exclusively mean replacing your current light fixtures with LED lights. It can be done in three ways, based on your current fixtures and lights.

Direct Lamp Changes

The installation of LEDs requires internal drivers rather than individual ballasts, such as fluorescent lamps. Because of this, some of the lighting fixtures can be retrofitted by switching the bulbs. You replace fluorescent tubs with the LED tubes and remove the fluorescent lamp holders and the ballast.

Retrofit Kits

Another option to consider this one uses LEDs and drivers. It mounts onto the current luminaire casting. The kids can help to retain your current fixtures and transform them into a more energy-efficient fixture option. Based on the existing lighting system you have, the labor costs for this may be higher if wiring modifications are necessary.

Complete Fixture Replacement

The most expensive retrofit option is to replace entire fixtures with LED options. You should choose this option if your existing fixtures are enclosed or if the sockets are bad.

As you can see, LED retrofits have a lot to offer. However, as mentioned above, they are not ideal for all properties. Take some time to review the information here to determine if retrofitting is the right option for your business or property.

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