Why Kansas City Business Owners Should Invest in LED Lighting

Many Kansas City business owners do not fully realize how much lighting costs them, or even that their lighting isn’t as functional or inviting as it could be. At Excel Lighting & Signs, we want business owners to understand the importance of effective lighting, lighting that is perfect for your business and that gives you a good return on investment. Every business owner must decide what’s right for their particular needs, so here are a few signs that could help you determine whether LED lighting is right for you.

Invest in LED Lighting

Quick way to decrease overhead. Today, energy efficiency is vital. Certain methods of lighting are more cost-effective than others, so you may want to consider LED lighting, which cuts wattage and therefore utility costs. Although you will have the initial costs of having LED lighting installed, the savings will more than make up for it over time.

Does your maintenance budget seem to be out of line? Whether you run an office or a manufacturing/industrial plant, the lighting methods you choose can greatly impact monthly utility costs. A lighting upgrade can significantly reduce your maintenance budget if maintenance staff spends a considerable amount of time replacing burned out bulbs or malfunctioning ballasts.

Does your lighting look out-of-date to not only staff, but customers? Long gone are the days of ugly fluorescent lighting. When you have various types of lighting in a single room, such as bright white bulbs, fluorescent lights, or those that are yellow tinted, it can present your business in a bad light (no pun intended). Outdated light can have a negative impact on your business, so consider a more consistent atmosphere by using LED lighting.

A professional from an electrical or lighting company has contacted you to help improve lighting and save you money. When someone in the commercial lighting industry stops by to tell you how your business could be improved both appearance-wise and budget-wise, it could be a sign that your lighting is really out of date. If your parking lot is lighted by orange colored high pressure sodium lights, you are living in the dark ages!

You’re one of those who doesn’t like change; if it works, why fix it? Many LED bulbs, fixtures, and other products come with warranties of up to ten years. If your staff is constantly changing bulbs, why not change to a more efficient system that costs you less? Whether you are a business owner or property manager, you can enjoy longevity in your lighting system by not having to constantly replace bulbs and/or fixtures.

Increase production efficiency and promote job safety. The right lighting is essential for production efficiency, and providing employees a safe environment to work in. LED lighting is one of the best investments you can make as a Kansas City business owner, whether you run a corporate office, manufacturing plant, warehouse, or other facility.

At Excel Lighting & Signs, we not only make your business more energy efficient and improve lighting, we help your business stand apart from the rest, and increase employee safety. Contact our Kansas City LED lighting professionals today, and let us help you cut costs while providing the ultimate lighting experience.

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