LED Retrofit FAQs

Have you noticed the lighting in your commercial space is no longer living up to your expectations? Is it too expensive, too dim, or just no longer what you need for the space? If so, you may be considering replacing all the lights and fixtures present. While this is possible, it is typically an extremely expensive endeavor. A better option is to consider a LED retrofit. Learning more about the process may help you see why this is such a smart choice.

What is a retrofit?

Put simply, a retrofit is a process of adding new features or technology to your existing system. For example, a LED retrofit kit is a bundled set of hardware specifically designed to help increase the performance and efficiency of an existing fixture.

What’s included in a typical retrofit kit?

Usually, retrofit kids include quarter-turn fasteners, screws, sockets, and brackets. The majority of kits also include reflectors, which is specifically designed for the kit to effectively direct light from the fixture in a particular location so it “lands” right where it is needed. Bulbs and ballasts are usually sold separately.

When and where are retrofit kids used?

A LED retrofit kit is ideal for any situation where the layout and design of a lighting system are adequate, but the efficiency of the system needs improvement. The retrofit allows you to embrace developments in technology, without having to spend excessive amounts of money to replace everything present.

What makes a retrofit kit better than a redesign?

If you are satisfied with the layout and output of your current fixtures, retrofitting is a much more affordable option than a full redesign. Also, a redesign requires you to replace all the fixtures, ballasts and bulbs. Customers who choose to retrofit often see savings of up to 50 to 75% compared to the cost of a complete redesign. It is also much less disruptive. The majority of retrofits can be installed in place, which means the fixture does not have to be removed.

Why is a change necessary at all?

Many people don’t realize that T12 fluorescent technology is more than 70 years old. As a result, it is much less efficient as the newer options on the market – especially LEDs. When you choose to a LED retrofit, you have options regarding color rendering index, color temperature, wattage and more. Also, T12 ballasts are no longer manufactured, which means once the break or stop working, you are going to have to replace them anyway.

How difficult is it to complete a LED retrofit project?

The process is relatively simple; however, the amount of time it actually takes depends on several factors. Working with a professional is the best way to know for sure how long the project is going to take.

There is no question that LED bulbs are becoming more and more popular for businesses and homes across Kansas City. If you have been thinking about a lighting change, then consider a LED retrofit. It is more affordable and less disruptive than other lighting update options available. Contact Excel Lighting today! 

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