Advantages of LED Wall Packs for Kansas City Businesses

Whether for schools, retail store entrances, apartment buildings, stairways, malls, or other applications, LED wall packs offer significant advantages over other types of lighting such as metal halide wall packs. LED’s are energy efficient and last far longer than other types of lighting, important for companies who want to save on energy costs and reduce their negative environmental impact.

Some of the advantages of LED wall packs include:

When compared to a 250 watt bulb common in the metal halide wall pack, an LED provides comparable light using on 70 watts. An LED wall pack fixture, unlike the metal halide wall pack, doesn’t burn up energy as heat. Instead, the energy used is solely for lighting.

Patrons, tenants, and employees feel more secure as LEDs deliver up to 7,000 lumens, which is incredibly bright light and effective illumination.

LED wall pack fixtures can be as much as 80% more energy efficient than other types of lighting used for the same purpose. They’re ideal for use outdoors because of their durable, rugged construction. Even in heavy snow, sleet, wind, rain, or other elements you can rely on this type of lighting to hold up.

Because of their long lifespan, less maintenance is required with LED lights. No constant worries about how to access a difficult area for repair/replacement, and far fewer maintenance costs. It’s a win-win!

LEDs can last as long as 20 years, so you can imagine the savings not only in terms of energy efficiency, but the costs associated with maintenance and replacement of other types of lighting.

Unlike some other types of lighting, LEDs do not contain mercury, lead, or other potentially dangerous chemicals or substances. No special disposal required – just toss in the trash.

No warm-up period required; LED wall packs provide instant, full lighting.

Suitable for cold weather, warm weather, even wet conditions when mounted on the exterior of a building, you simply can’t beat LED wall packs for providing bright illumination, cutting down on energy consumption and cost, and longevity. Whether in a warehouse or production facility, outside a business complex, or in any location where you need durable lighting that will stand up in even the harshest environment, consider LED wall packs. You will definitely enjoy a good return on your investment!

At Excel Lighting & Sign we provide LED retrofits for a wide array of light fixture types, including wall pack building fixtures. Many are eligible for rebates under the KCP&L Rebate Program as well. Call us today for the best lighting solutions in Kansas City!

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