How Much Does an LED Retrofit Cost?


  • State-sanctioned rebates and credits from Missouri and Kansas can reduce the cost of an LED retrofit for commercial settings dramatically. We help businesses do these projects hassle-free, handling all of the paperwork and interfacing with Evergy, our electricity provider for Kansas City retrofit projects.
  • Most of our customers will save 25-50% on the upfront cost of a switch (or more), and the project will fully pay for itself within about 2 years.
  • An LED retrofit cost can wind up paying you back within a few years, and many businesses will be realizing a return on that investment for years afterwards.

The Cost Of An LED Retrofit In Kansas City

You know the benefits, and might know there’s real money available for businesses who switch, but one of the most common questions professional sign & lighting companies like us hear is: “How much does an LED switch cost?”

LED bulbs use a fraction of the energy that your traditional, existing lighting system will, and many businesses can realize savings of 50-75% or more on their current energy bill simply with the switch to LED light bulbs.

The especially good news is: if you’re considering making a change from traditional lighting fixtures to LEDs in a commercial, industrial or retail space – many large businesses, really – the good news is you can likely benefit from significant rebates.

We’re talking about rebates/credits that can cut the cost to do an LED retrofit by 25-50% up front! In fact, many of our customers will pay for labor costs only, and sometimes even less.

Finally, the state of Kansas and Missouri have both passed legislation allowing the primary electric supplier in our area, Evergy, to help businesses install LED lighting (and more). Formed from the merger of Kansas City Power & Light and Westar in 2018, Evergy serves more than 1.6 million customers in the two states, including and the entirety of Kansas City.

Cost for New LED Lights

Let’s zoom out a little bit.

Excel Lighting & Signs is a premier lighting specialist in Kansas and Missouri, helping businesses get killer signage, but also helping with large-scale lighting retrofits. (We’d be happy to chat about your lighting project!)

We help businesses and property owners convert their old light fixtures (incandescent or halogen) to new LED lamps and LED bulbs. That might be indoors – as with warehouses, industrial facilities, or retail spaces – or it could be outdoor lighting fixtures – as with parking lots, entertainment spaces, or sporting arenas.

Kansas only passed this new energy efficiency framework in 2023, while Missouri LED retrofit rebates have been in place for a few years.

So, how much does moving to new LED fixtures cost?

Your rebate will generally cover about 25-50% of the total upfront cost, though this can be higher.

Your energy savings will likely be over 50% on an ongoing basis.

Per-building pricing will vary based on the size of your commercial property and the number of new LEDs you need, but we are comfortable telling you upfront that the average paypack period for these LED fixture enhancements is around 2 years. This means that for 7+ years of useful life you get from your new LED bulb will be pure ROI.

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Here’s what to expect:

Excel Lighting and Signs is an Evergy preferred trade ally, which means we’re experienced working alongside Evergy to reduce the upfront cost of upgrading to more energy-efficient lighting and provides incentives to help you save money in the long-run. Our typical lighting solution projects begin in spaces of 10,000 square feet and up.

In many cases, Evergy covers almost the entire cost of retrofitting equipment alongside a partner like us.

It starts with a phone call to determine if we can help, and to help you understand whether your existing lighting system can be replaced through these programs. If we think it’s a fit, we can talk preliminary numbers, energy savings, installation costs, and more. We then come out to see your space, get precise measurements and specs, and begin the process.

Most importantly, during your retrofit, we handle everything. That means getting the right light fixtures, power supply, bulbs, and more – but it also means we handle all of the work with Evergy. Evergy pays us directly, and the customer never has to worry about paperwork.

We work hard to make the cost of LED retrofits (and ongoing energy savings) low, easy, and a no-brainer with the help of LED rebates and credits through Evergy.

Why Does The State and Evergy Offer This LED and Energy Efficiency Program?

Great question, and the simple answer is this: it is a lot cheaper for Evergy (and the state) to reduce customers’ current energy usage than it is to build new power plants! That’s partly because building traditional energy plants (gas or coal-fired) is fraught with red tape, but it’s also simply an immense capital undertaking.

Why LEDs Are Great To Begin With

LED bulbs and lamps are highly efficient, durable, and environmentally friendly, offering significant advantages over traditional lighting:

  • Energy Efficiency: Use up to 90% less power than traditional bulbs, leading to substantial energy savings and lower energy costs.
  • Long Lifespan: Last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, reducing replacement frequency and lowering maintenance costs.
  • Durability: Built to withstand rough conditions and with fewer “breakable” parts, making them more durable.
  • Environmentally-Friendly: Emit minimal heat and no UV rays, with a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Better Light: Light quality and light output are better for most commercial settings with LED bulbs in place.

LED bulbs will reduce your energy usage and save you money

Who Is An LED Retrofit For?

Businesses or property owners with lots of lights!

Most of our customers have 10,000 square feet of lighted space, or more, but we’re happy to connect if you have less.

That includes:

  • warehouses
  • commercial settings
  • industrial buildings
  • retail spaces
  • restaurants

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Factors Affecting Your LED Retrofit

Your Facility Size

The size of your building, how it is built, hours of operation, and the existing electrical service can all impact the cost of a retrofitting project. There is no cookie-cutter price or solution for this. Each LED lighting system has to be custom designed for the space. Some of the considerations that must be made to begin the LED retrofitting project include:

  • How big is the building or the area that is included in the project?
  • What is the electrical service being used currently?
  • What is the building’s hours of operation?
  • Is daylight harvesting an option?
  • How accessible are the light fixtures?
  • What is the facility’s working environment?

Each of these factors impacts the amount of work that must be done to completely retrofit the desired area with LED fixtures.

The Lighting System and Operational Requirements

Another important factor that is going to impact the cost of retrofitting your new lighting system is the current lighting system being used, as well as the operational requirements of the location. There are three main things that can impact the cost of your project. These include:

  • The condition of your current light fixtures.
  • The amount of light you need for the space.
  • Whether or not you are planning to change processes, remodel, or upgrade the lights in the near future.

Due to all these factors and considerations, we find it helpful for most people to work with a lighting professional. We can help create a custom design for the lighting in a business that will meet all the needs you have now, and in the future. While the initial cost of installing LED lights may be higher than other lighting options, the ROI this offers is significant. In fact, for some businesses, the energy savings make up for the cost of the installation in a single year.

Start Saving Energy with LED Retrofitting

Ready to enhance your space with efficient, long-lasting lighting – and even get much of the retrofit cost covered with LED retrofit rebates in Kansas or Missouri?!

Contact our team today to begin your LED retrofit journey, get a free quote, and illuminate your future with sustainability and savings.

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