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Sign Size: The Complete Guide to Proper Sign Sizing

Properly sized signage is critical for maximizing visibility and impact for businesses. The right sign dimensions allow for text and graphics to be noticeable from required viewing distances, capture attention, and effectively communicate your branding and messaging. On the other hand, a sign that is too small for the location

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The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Evergy LED Rebates for Businesses

Upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting presents a huge opportunity for Kansas City businesses to reduce costs and maximize savings. Utility provider Evergy offers extremely attractive LED rebates to encourage local businesses to upgrade their lighting to high-efficiency LEDs. Formerly known as Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L), Evergy provides electricity

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Are LED Lighting Retrofits right for you? Discover the Top Benefits & Risks

A lighting retrofit refers to upgrading existing lighting fixtures and systems to newer, more energy efficient technology. Specifically, it usually involves replacing inefficient incandescent and fluorescent lighting with LED (light-emitting diode) lighting. For businesses, LED retrofits offer many benefits that can positively impact their bottom line. Switching to LEDs reduces

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LED Retrofitting Signs: A Brighter Future for Your Business

LED retrofitting refers to the process of upgrading existing sign lighting to modern LED technology. LED stands for “light emitting diode” and refers to a type of solid-state lighting that is extremely energy efficient and long-lasting. LEDs have become the lighting of choice for new signage, but many existing signs still use

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