How Pylon Signs Help Small Businesses Tower Over the Competition

Pylon signs are tall freestanding sign structures that use one or two visible poles for support. They are highly visible from a distance and frequently used by businesses to attract attention and customers. Pylon signs offer small businesses a range of benefits, including increased visibility, prominent branding, and flexibility to change messaging. Investing in a pylon sign can help small businesses in Kansas City expand their reach and grow their customer base.

What Are Pylon Signs?

Pylon signs are freestanding outdoor structures supported by one or two poles made from materials like aluminum or steel (What Is a Pylon Sign?). The pole design provides stability and allows the signs to stand high above the ground. This extra height enables them to be seen from further away compared to signs that sit directly on the ground.

These types of signs will typically have an internal steel or aluminum frame housing the signage and lighting components. The pole and frame give structural support while panels on the outside display the messaging and branding (What is a Pylon Sign and Why Does My Business Need …). Pylon signs are always double-sided so the messaging can be seen from both directions.

Pylon Sign Materials

Pylon signs are constructed using durable materials designed to withstand outdoor elements and weather. The most common materials are aluminum and steel metal frames.

The sign structure is typically made of welded steel or aluminum for strength and stability. Aluminum coverings over the steel frame help improve durability and prevent rusting. The hollow aluminum poles allow for interior lighting elements. Thicker gauge aluminum materials provide rigidity and resist flexing in windy conditions.

Other potential sign materials are plastics like acrylic or polycarbonate sheets. Plastics offer lightweight and weather-resistant options for the sign face. The optimal materials depend on budget, location climate, and desired lifespan.

Benefits for Small Businesses

Pylon signs offer several key benefits that make them advantageous for small businesses looking to increase visibility and attract more customers. First, the size and height of pylon signs allow them to be seen from far away, providing heightened visibility for a business compared to smaller signage options. From highways or busy main roads, pylon signs stand out and catch the eyes of potential customers passing by.

Additionally, pylon signs enable small businesses to prominently display their branding, logo, and messaging. The large, double-sided structures are perfect for showcasing a company’s unique branding elements. They allow a business to create signage customized specifically to their brand image.

Pylon signs also offer flexibility, as the messaging can be easily changed or rotated. Temporary signage or banners can be quickly swapped out. This allows small businesses to highlight seasonal offerings, sales, new products, or other timely messaging. Overall, pylon signs are highly visible, aid branding, and provide versatility for small businesses seeking to attract customers.

Attracting More Customers

Pylon signs are an extremely effective way for small businesses to attract more customers, thanks to their placement along highways and busy roads. According to research, pylon signs positioned near high-traffic areas get noticed by up to 97% of passersby. The tall, prominent structure makes them visible from long distances down highways, alerting drivers to your business location.

Another key advantage is the illumination options pylon signs provide. Fluorescent or LED lights allow your sign to stand out and be noticed 24/7. Bright, eye-catching lights are essential for businesses hoping to drive traffic after dark. Strategically placed spotlights can also emphasize key parts of your branding or messaging. Overall, proper illumination vastly expands the visibility of your pylon sign.

In summary, the ideal placement and lighting options make pylon signs the perfect solution for small businesses trying to attract more customers from highways and high-traffic areas, during both daytime and nighttime hours.

Investment Considerations

When looking to invest in a pylon sign, there are several key factors for small businesses to consider:

Costs can range widely depending on the size and materials used in the sign. Prices typically start around $1,500 but can go up to $15,000 or more for larger, digital displays. It’s important to set a budget and select options that fit within it.

The appropriate size depends on the visibility needs of your business location. A sign must be large enough to be clearly seen from passing traffic. However, oversized signs in low traffic areas are ineffective. Consider sight lines from roads and your desired visibility distance.

Ideal placement is crucial for maximizing visibility. Position the pylon sign to be easily spotted from main roads, highways, or intersections that provide exposure to your target audience. Also consider on-premises placement that leads visitors clearly to your entrance.

It’s important to check local regulations on size limits, zoning restrictions, and permit requirements. Ensure your pylon sign complies with city codes for your area to avoid fines or removal.

Factor in ongoing maintenance costs. Periodic inspections, cleaning, bulb replacements and repairs will extend the lifetime of your investment.

Digital Display Options

Pylon signs with digital displays allow for changeable and dynamic messaging. Rather than having a fixed display, digital pylon signs use LED screens to showcase different graphics, text, animations, and video (AskAlamo, 2022). This enables incredible flexibility to rotate content and tailor messaging for different times of day, promotions, sales, or events. The digital displays are driven by software that allows you to easily upload new content and schedule when it is shown.

Some key benefits of digital pylon sign displays include:

  • Frequently update messaging and visuals to fit changing needs
  • Showcase special offers or sales to attract customers
  • Increase viewer attention with eye-catching animations and graphics
  • Provide accurate business hours and parking/directional info
  • Increase perceived modernity and innovation

When investing in a digital pylon display, some factors to consider are resolution, brightness, viewing angles, and ease of content management. With the right digital screen, pylon signs can become a dynamic marketing tool for businesses rather than just a static sign.

Solar Power Capabilities

Many modern pylon signs now offer solar power capabilities for renewable energy. Solar-powered pylon signs utilize solar panels that can convert sunlight into electricity to illuminate the signage day and night. Solar powered signs can work for up to 5-7 days on one full charge, even without direct sunlight.

Solar power offers a number of benefits for pylon signs. It eliminates the need to connect to the electrical grid or use fossil fuels, making solar signs completely self-sufficient. Solar power also makes pylon signs more affordable to operate over the long term since there is no recurring electricity bill to pay. And solar-powered signs are well-suited for remote locations where connecting to the grid is challenging. Overall, the shift towards solar-powered options is making pylon signs a more sustainable choice.

New Lightweight Materials

Thanks to innovations in materials, pylon signs today can be made with lighter aluminum and plastics that make them more affordable and easier to install. Lighter-weight aluminum framing and panels help reduce overall costs while still providing durability. Plastics like PVC and acrylic are also popular lightweight options for pylon sign panels.

Lighter pylon signs weigh less than older steel or metal signs. This makes them easier to ship and install. Small business owners may find lightweight pylon signs a more accessible investment. Maintenance is also easier with lighter materials. Overall, innovations in lightweight metals and plastics open up new possibilities for small businesses to leverage pylon signs.


Pylon signs offer numerous benefits for small businesses in Kansas City looking to increase their visibility and attract more customers. As discussed, these freestanding tall signs act as eye-catching landmarks that grab attention from main roads and highways. Their height and size make them easily visible from a distance, while features like illumination allow for visibility day and night.

For small business owners considering investing in a pylon sign, the key takeaways are to evaluate the right size and placement for maximum visibility, weigh the costs against marketing goals, and leverage newer technologies like digital displays for versatility. With their ability to prominently showcase brands and offerings to droves of passing traffic, pylon signs can be an impactful investment to boost sales.

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