LED Retrofit Kits FAQ: Common Questions and Answers

Are you tired of paying too much for electricity each month? With all of the different energy efficient upgrades on the market, selecting the right one for your commercial building is not easy. One of the best ways to reduce energy consumption and increase the functionality your building has is by investing in LED retrofit kits. If you are like most business owners, the knowledge you have regarding how these kits work and the benefits they can offer is limited. For years, business owners have been using these kits to minimize the electricity consumption in their building. The money paid for these kits is well worth it considering the savings they can produce in the future. Read below to find out more about these kits and how they can benefit your commercial building.

What Exactly is an LED Retrofit Kit?

The main thing you probably want to know is what an LED retrofit kit is. These kits are designed to let a business owner avoid having to change out all of the fixtures in their building. Not only would this cost a business owner lots of money, it would lead to a variety of waste being produced. With a retrofit kit, you are able to take advantage of the power of LED lighting while utilizing your existing fixtures.

Can an LED Retrofit Kit Be Equipped With a Dimmer?

Having full control of the lighting in your commercial building is probably something you are passionate about. One of the best ways to have this type of control is by having your new LED lights equipped with a dimmer switch is a great option. With the help of a commercial lighting professional, you will be able to find out more about the customizations available with your new LED lighting system. Having a dimmer switch will allow you to easily adjust the brightness of your lights. These switches can also be used to reduce the amount of energy used on a daily basis.

Why is Retrofitting Better Than a Complete Replacement?

Most business owners are curious as to why an LED retrofit kit is better than completely replacing their existing fixtures. While a total fixture replacement may be advantageous, especially if there are outdated fixtures in a building, generally a retrofit kit will do the job. Not only are these kits a great way for a business owner to save money, they can also help to brighten up a dim commercial building with ease. If you are unsure about how to approach this type of upgrade, you should consult with a commercial lighting professional. They will have no problem inspecting your building and offering you guidance regarding how to install new LED lights.

Working with the right lighting professionals will make this process much easier. An experienced lighting professional will be able to get these kits installed in a timely manner.

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