Signs You Need to Replace Your Existing Business Signage

Your business sign is often one of the first things people see representing your business. If it is old, worn out, broken or otherwise unappealing to look at, you may not be making a very good first impression.

While there are some signs that it is obvious you need new signage, others may not be as obvious. Getting to know when it is time to make this investment can be beneficial.

Your Sign is Showing Indications of Distress

The exterior sign you have in place should be pristine. If you notice the colors are faded because of exposure to UV rays, or if the paint is chipping, then it may be time to think about replacement. Keep in mind, when it comes to your sign, looks matter. If your sign is in any way old, outdated or damaged, you should consider replacement.

The Lighting is Burnt Out

There is no question that illuminated signs are a great way to attract attention, regardless of how dark it may be outside. However, if the lights in the sign don’t work, your signs can’t be seen.

There are several reasons your illuminated sign may go out often. Neon and fluorescent lighting elements burn out often, which can lead to you having to purchase expensive replacement bulbs and then pay someone to change them. If you were to change your sign to LEDs, you would use less energy and the bulbs last longer. You don’t even have to replace the entire sign. You can choose an LED retrofit which is a quick and smart solution.

You’ve Been Using an Indoor Sign, Outdoors

When you put a sign – any sign – by the road, there is the risk of it suffering damage. A car could hit it, or it could be damaged by the elements. However, besides these events, your outdoor sign should be able to withstand normal conditions outside. If it can’t, then it may mean that the materials it is constructed out of are best for indoor use only. For example, a banner sign is only designed for temporary outdoor use, and acrylic signs are easily damaged.

Making a great impression for your business is important. The signage you have for your business is part of this impression. If you notice any of the aforementioned issues, then it is definitely time to consider replacing your signs with something better. LED signs are considered the gold-standard in outdoor signage today because they are visible, durable and affordable.

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