Signs It Is Time to Invest in a Business Sign Audit

Just like most things in life, as time passes, your business changes. They tend to grow, you get better at what you do, and you may even expand the products or services you offer. Your customers’ needs and demographics may change, as well. This creates a need for your business to evolve. As your business changes, don’t forget about your signage. Investing in a business sign audit can help ensure you are communicating everything you want to tell your customers about the services and products you offer.

Are you still unsure why a business sign audit is so important? For both old and new customers, your sign is often the first thing they see when passing or approaching your store, restaurant, or business. The sign lets new customers know what to expect and provides a source of communication to existing customers about any changes that have occurred since the last time they visited. When you have a business sign audit, you can discover if it is time to invest in a signage update.

What Is Considered During a Business Sign Audit?

When things change, you need to ensure your signage is able to keep up. If not, you may be viewed as outdated. While having a sign that is seen as being “retro” or “vintage” may be fine, having one that’s not “in sync” with the modern times can be a kiss of death when it comes to keeping traffic coming to your business.

With a business sign audit, you can look at your existing signage to see it the way people passing by do. As you look, make sure to consider the following:

Is the Sign Easy to See and Noticeable?

If you have a sign that was installed several years ago, there’s a good chance the surroundings have changed. Is your sign now being blocked by new landscaping or buildings?

Is the Messaging Consistent with Your Branding?

Does it let people know what to expect when they step through the doors or hire you for a service? If it doesn’t what could you do differently to make this message clearer?

Does the Sign Appear Old or Damaged?

Does your sign look good? Are there broken parts, faced colors, or nonfunctioning lights? If so, this is going to send a negative message to potential customers. If you don’t care enough to maintain this highly visible part of your business, they may think you don’t care about the rest of it, either.

Are There Potential New Opportunities to Improve Your Signage and Messaging?

A lot has happened this year. Businesses have closed and reopened, some are still in the process of reopening. In the COVID era taking advantage of new signage opportunities may help you let the public know about new operating policies, hours, or special messaging that you need to get out.

Now What?

If you discover it is time to update your signage, then it is also time to get in touch with the professionals. Installing new, tech-savvy LED signs can help improve your messaging and ensure your business is easily seen by people passing by. Contact us today.

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