Store Front Signage Helps Kansas City Business Owners Improve Curb Appeal

Most people in the Blue Springs, Independence, and other areas near Kansas City know what curb appeal can do for a home. As a business owner, have you considered the curb appeal of your business? Whether you’re in the restaurant, retail shopping, or new/used car dealer industry, your store front signage can make a huge difference in the appeal (or lack thereof) of your business.

As fabricators of channel and individual letter signs, we understand the advantages that businesses with great signs have over other businesses. The right store front sign can increase your company’s success by helping create your brand, drawing attention of passersby, and advertising by making an impression on those who visit your business, who will then tell their family and friends.

The fact is, people get an impression of your business, just as they do of you or your home. The first impression is the most important – in fact, many people say it’s the only one that matters. As a business owner, what is the first impression potential customers get of your Kansas City area business? That split-second moment when they drive up in the parking lot and take in your sign, window display, color scheme, etc. Every detail matters, including your store front signage.

LED and individual letter signs help your business stand out, and create a memorable first impression. Today, the most successful companies are all about giving the customer a great experience, and this begins the moment a potential customer passes by or pulls up in front of your business. You wouldn’t neglect the interior of your business, why would you neglect the exterior, the most important aspect for drawing new clients in?

People notice things, particularly in prestigious areas such as Overland Park. Cigarette butts, trash, a burned out letter in a sign, even weeds in the landscaping or coming up in the cracks of the sidewalk. At Excel Lighting & Signs, we know the importance of channel letter and LED signs that are clearly visible from the road, and designed in a way that enhances your company’s brand and image.

Perhaps you currently have a sign for your business, but it has faded over the years from exposure to the elements. Maybe some of the lights in your sign are broken, or letters missing. What kind of message does this give to potential and existing customers? That you really don’t care what impression your customers have of your establishment.

On a side note, great lighting can also increase customers’ feeling of security when they patronize your business, as many store front signs light up a substantial area around the entrance.

Give your Blue Springs or Independence business more curb appeal with LED signs fabricated by Excel Lighting & Signs. We’ve been lighting up Kansas City for more than 50 years!

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