Why EMC Signage Might Be The Right Choice For Your Business

Figuring out what business signage is proper for your needs and customers can be a challenge. With so many options available, how do you choose just one that does all the things a good sign should do – brings in new customers, increases brand awareness, and more? 

EMC signage might be a great fit for businesses who need a sign but want to broadcast more than just their name and location. Learn more about EMC signs, why you should consider them, and more. Let’s dive in! 

What is EMC?

EMC stands for electronic message centers and is often referred to generally as digital signage. EMCs are allowed in certain municipalities in the Kansas City metro area and can broadcast high-quality content to audiences nearby. 

These signs also enable businesses to change what they want to be displayed on their signs with ease. From business hours and special messages to phone numbers, promotions, and more, EMCs can be used to quickly share eye-catching information with those physically visible to your business or where you have the signage displayed. 

Why Choose EMC

While EMC signage gives you the flexibility to display different types of content depending on the day unlike other static signs, many other benefits come from this type of commercial sign. 

EMC benefits include: 

  • Increased exposure
  • Increased engagement, recall, and retention rates
  • Improved customer experience
  • Better digital connectivity
  • Cohesive branding
  • Lower creative costs
  • Interactivity
  • More versatility and scalability
  • Increased safety

Location, location, location 

Choosing the right location to display any business signage is key. Not only do you want to indicate where your business is located, but you also want to choose an area that is highly trafficked and that will catch the eye of those passing by. 

When deciding where to display your signs, consider the following: 

  • Are there local code restrictions that determine where you may or may not place a sign?
  • Do you need to secure a permit before installing a new sign? 
  • Where will your sign be the most visible? 

Selecting the right displays

For businesses choosing to leverage EMC, pairing an electronic message center with a static business sign that displays your business name or logo can also be ideal. The digital sign can let people know about your hours, upcoming sales and events, or anything else you’d like to tell them, while the static sign links your business brand to the messages being offered below.

Outdoor LED signs come in three color display options. 

  • Monochrome signs operate in one color, typically shades of red or amber. This is the most basic option for an EMC.
  • A tricolor sign operates in red, green, and yellow. Monochrome and tricolor LED signs can display text, straightforward graphics, and animations. 
  • An electronic message center with full-color LED functionality is the gold standard of EMCs. 

While color displays are important to consider, you also need to think about choosing a sign that is durable, weather-resistant, and easy to maintain. Working with a sign company that can design, install, and maintain your sign like Excel KC will ensure that it’s installed in a manner that’s easily accessible for maintenance and that it’s always up and running.

Communicate effectively 

Next, you’ll need to decide how your messaging will work and what you want to say. Consider what important information you want to share and decide when each message should go up. We recommend having one person at your company manage switching sign messages and scheduling all content.

After you select your signage, you can work with your sign installation team to learn how to upload, set, and schedule messages. Whether you’re uploading simple text messages to your electronic message center or scheduling logos and graphics to display on your sign, setting messages is as simple as connecting to the sign with a phone or computer and going through a few simple steps. 

Work with the Kansas City professionals

At Excel Lighting and Signs, we have direct relationships with suppliers of EMC that can provide the highest quality, small-pixel pitch product for a very competitive price, and we can retrofit existing static message boards with new digital LED message boards. Get started with your free consultation today!

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