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Pylon Sign Designs: Tower Above the Competition

Pylon signs, also known as pole signs, are free-standing towering structures that sit high above the ground on one or more poles, usually made from steel or aluminum. They are designed to grab attention with their vertical height and large dimensions for displaying a business name, logo, and messaging. Due

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Converting Fluorescent to LED: Slash Your Energy Bills

Rising energy costs and the continual strain on profit margins has businesses seeking ways to cut expenses. According to a recent analysis, electricity rates could rise sharply in 2023 and 2024. With businesses already facing inflationary pressures, identifying areas to reduce energy usage can lead to major savings. One way for

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ADA Compliant Sign Requirements (A Quick Guide)

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) signage provides critical wayfinding and ensures accessibility for all. Failing to meet ADA compliant sign requirements risks violations or penalties from the Department of Justice (DOJ). Properly designed and installed ADA-compliant signage removes barriers for people with disabilities and enables everyone to navigate and access

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How Pylon Signs Help Small Businesses Tower Over the Competition

Pylon signs are tall freestanding sign structures that use one or two visible poles for support. They are highly visible from a distance and frequently used by businesses to attract attention and customers. Pylon signs offer small businesses a range of benefits, including increased visibility, prominent branding, and flexibility to

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Sign Examples: Types, Materials, Design, Trends

Signage plays a crucial role in representing any business. The right signage helps attract customers, build brand recognition, and convey key information. For small businesses looking to invest in signage, there are many options to consider across various sign types, materials, placement options, and more. This guide will provide an

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Accessible Signage: An Accessible Business Starts with the Right Signs

Having an accessible business that welcomes disabled customers provides significant benefits and opportunities. With over 61 million adults in the United States identifying as having some form of disability, this market represents more than $1 trillion in discretionary spending ( By making your business accessible through proper signage and other

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How Much Does a Business Sign Cost?

The cost of a business sign can vary depending on several factors. The type and size of the sign, materials used, complexity of the design, and additional features like illumination or digital screens all affect the overall cost. For example, a simple wall-mounted outdoor sign made of plastic and aluminum

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