Architectural Signage Design Tips

Investing in a custom architectural sign is a smart move. This type of official, set-in-store announcement of your business, where it is, and what it offers is validation for you and it’s a huge draw for potential customers. Quality architectural signage design is going to attract more than 50 percent of your new customer base, so ensure the design is exactly what you want to show to your customer demographic.

Here are some architectural signage design tips to help you.

Put Focus on Your Business Name and Add Other Info

This should be obvious, but your business name should be the focal point of your architectural signage. Many people believe that any information beyond your business’s name is unneeded on roadside or architectural signage. There are some areas that even have bylaws that state additional information on roadside signs is illegal, because it’s distracting or unsightly.

While many people don’t realize it, approximately 71 percent of people will read the messages on a roadside sign. If you have appealing information to add, in small type under the name of your business, don’t be totally discouraged. A quality sign designer can help to pull this additional text into the “look” of the sign and keep the entire design on-brand.

Don’t Sacrifice Durability for Aesthetics

This is especially important if you have a tight budget for signage and advertising. Your architectural signage needs to be durable and last. These signs are out in the open and the elements all the time, susceptible to fading and weathering, and you don’t want to have to pay for another one after buying the first one just a few years ago.

While you can compromise slightly on sign durability for aesthetic purposes, such as colors and materials, but makes sure you listen to any warnings from your sign designer or installer.

Determine Your Preferred Aesthetic Before Designing Your Sign

If you aren’t sure about what types of styles or colors represent your business yet, begin setting up your business style guide right away. The architectural signage needs to reflect the “mood” of your business.

Don’t settle for random yellow and blue hues or a Victorian style if you are going to decide to change your colors in a few months and go with a more modern style. When you keep your business look uniform through all your advertisements and signage, it helps you create a much more authoritative and recognizable brand identity.

Work with a Professional Sign Company for Help

By working with an experienced sign company, you will have someone providing you with advice and guidance each step of the process. They can make sure that the designs used adhere to your wants and needs and that they help you follow the best practices when it is time to create your outdoor signage.

While a professional offers a lot of help, keep the tips here in mind too. This is going to help ensure that the quality sign you want and need is created.

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