Are Your Kansas City Business Signs Going to the Birds?

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. As a business owner, you know that’s true, but did you know that it’s not just your building that makes that first impression? Your signs do, too. Keeping your signs in stellar condition is important: Make sure you don’t overlook proper sign maintenance, or you could lose business.

Keep your Kansas City Business Signs from going to the birds

There are lots of things that can damage your signage. Weather is one, but our feathered friends are another. That’s right. Birds, cute and chirpy though they may be, can do significant damage to your signs; bird feces hardens on paint and other surfaces, making it very difficult to remove. Birds are attracted to your signs because they provide safety and cover for nesting and perching. The best way to prevent damage from happening is to keep birds away from your signs altogether – and there are specific ways to do that.

Use visual deterrents

Owls are natural predators to most birds, and birds won’t know the difference between a plastic owl that you’ve placed nearby to scare them away versus the real thing for a while. Its effectiveness will wear off over time once birds learn that that owl doesn’t move or come after them. Therefore, combine them with:

Motion deterrents

Motion deterrents are effective because they move or spin continuously so that birds have no chance to land on your signage. You can combine a motion deterrent with a visual deterrent in one device, such as using a plastic owl that twists randomly. Place these deterrents close to your signage to discourage birds from even going near.


There are bird gels you can use to deter birds from your Kansas City business signage as well. These work because they’re sticky. They’re clear, so technically they won’t ruin the look of your business’ exterior in any way. Spread them on ledges and on other places birds can perch or nest. They do have a drawback, though, which is that because they’re sticky, they attract dirt. Clean and reapply regularly.

Sound deterrents

You can purchase sound deterrents that will discourage birds from landing on your signage; these “noise machines” mimic the sounds predators make; for example, a sound deterrent might be a barking dog or predatory bird. In general, these types of deterrents won’t bother your customers, which is a plus. Set them to go off briefly and intermittently, such as every 10 or 15 minutes.


Animal lovers, take heart. These aren’t sharp spikes that will impale birds; they’re simply dull deterrents that will discourage birds from perching or nesting on your signage without harming them. (They won’t harm you, either.) They are installed in signs’ crevices and ledges, and work by discouraging birds from landing altogether.


Coils that look like the old-fashioned toy Slinky are simply stretched across ledges, openings, and other places birds can land or roost. They’re safe and effective.

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