How Your Church Could Benefit from Digital Signs

Digital signs are effectively changing the way that churches and places of worship communicate with their congregation, and the community as a whole. There are more than a few stories out there about synagogues, mosques, temples and churches seeing an increase in overall attendance and a stronger connection with communities thanks to digital signage.

The Practicality of Digital Signage

The primary goal of any house of worship is outreach and to meet the needs of those in the local community. With digital signs, churches and places of worship have a way to make communication with the community fast and simple.

Regardless of if it is a synagogue, temple, church or mosque, compared to a more traditional house of worship bulletin board, digital signs make information easily accessible and readily available.

You can include all types of information on a digital sign, including details of an upcoming event, service times and fundraising campaigns. Also, thanks to the digital signs, you can ensure the word is spread in a more efficient manner. From a more practical point of view, a house of worship can now display several different pieces of information without all the clutter found on a more traditional noticeboard.

Digital Signs can Help Cut Costs

For a non-profit organization, using digital signs is extremely appealing because it can help cut costs. One church spent more than $6,300 per year on printouts for their congregation. These were reoccurring costs that digital signs eliminated completely.

With this type of sign in place, you can easily update what the message says, without any additional costs. This signage is a huge benefit for any house of worship that is searching for a way to reduce annual publicity and printing costs.

Generate Revenue with Digital Signage

When you install a digital sign inside or outside of a place of worship will create a buzz. Since this is something that was previously unheard of, and something that definitely stands out at a place of worship, it will definitely get your congregation talking.

If you have a close community, then news is going to spread quickly that a new digital sign has been installed at the place of worship. There’s a good chance that some of the local businesses will hear about this new addition, too. This can be beneficial for the house of worship. If the locals are discussing your digital signs, then businesses can target them as possible customers.

You can even start to approach some businesses nearby and in the local area with the idea of using your signage system for advertising purposes – at a fee. This will generate an all new stream of income for your worship venue.

As you can see, there are more than a few benefits offered by using a digital sign at your place of worship. If you have yet to implement this technology, now is the time to do so. It can provide you all the benefits here, and more.

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