Commercial LED Signage Lighting in Kansas City

If you own a physical storefront or office where your company’s business is conducted in Kansas City, chances are you have thought about switching over your current signage and lighting to LED, if you haven’t already done so. If you have a sign that does not operate on LED bulbs, no doubt you have faced frustration with bulbs and tubes that burn out, energy costs, and repair/maintenance costs more often than you would have liked. At Excel Lighting & Signs, we understand your frustration – but we also know the solution!

LEDs are an ideal backlighting source, working to make company logos, letters and box sign applications really stand apart from the rest. Because they produce precise illumination, LEDs have become the most popular choice today for commercial signs – a lesson learned from the reliable, direct light they provide for smartphones and televisions.

For many Kansas City business owners, the one factor that prevented switching over to LED signs and lighting was the initial cost. Today, this cost has dropped significantly due to improved technology. Considering the long life, durability, and safety of LEDs, it is really the smartest investment of all types of lighting available today.

What are the advantages in using LED lights for your commercial signage when compared to neon tubes or fluorescent light? There are many advantages, but a few of the most important include durability, light quality, safety, and energy efficiency. LED lights produce substantial light using little power, and can produce more than 100 lumens per watt. Ultimately, far less power is necessary to generate an equal amount of light as neon lights, which typically produce only 10 to 60 lumens per watt.

The light quality is exceptional, providing a clarity and brightness you just don’t get with other types of lighting. Potential customers can easily read your sign at a greater distance, and LED lights make it a simple matter to customize your signs. Fluorescent lighting is widely known for producing uneven light, sometimes prone to flickering which is very noticeable. High humidity and extreme cold or hot temperatures can also affect the functioning of fluorescent lights.

Ultimately, the initial cost of LED commercial signs is well worth the investment. Considering all of the advantages and the fact that you can enjoy signs that really set your brand apart and capture the attention of passers-by, you cannot afford NOT to invest!

To learn more about commercial signs and LED lighting for your Kansas City business, contact us at Excel Lighting & Signs today. Our experienced technicians have been lighting up businesses for decades!

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