Common Issues Related to HID Parking Garage Lighting and Why LEDs are a Better Option

The phrase parking garage lighting is used to describe lighting that is usually a pendant, recessed or surface fixture, which is mounted to the parking structure’s soffit, ceiling or the overhang. The purpose of this lighting is to provide illumination for vehicles, as well as pedestrians.

There are several options when it comes to fixture shapes, sizes and mounting types. While HID parking garage lamps have been extremely popular for a number of years, there are several issues related to using them. When you know what these issues are, you can see why the best option is to choose LEDs.

Higher Energy Costs

The energy costs related to traditional, HID parking garage lights are much higher than LEDs. If you were to look up the common lamp wattages that were used for wall park lighting, it ranges from 70 watts up to 400 watts. Generally, the higher the wattage, the more light output on the surface around and below the fixture.

Some of the other variables that play into wattage used in the fixture include the function of the part of the building being illuminated, as well as the mounting height, spacing and quantity of the lamps in the area. Regarding the cost of an HID fixture, a 175- or 250-watt unit can cost from $91 to $131 annually, per lamp, in electricity cots along. Over time, these costs can become excessive.

Higher Maintenance Costs

In addition to the higher energy costs related to the use of HID parking garage fixtures, the maintenance costs are also often a huge concern. In addition to the issues surrounding the short lifespan of the lamp, the lights on the exterior of a building are usually mounted on the walls at a height of more than 15 feet. As a result, it will require the use of a lift to change out the Ballast or lamp.

There are quite a few facilities and buildings that don’t own the equipment needed, and, as a result must hire third-party contractors to maintain these fixtures. These are also expenses that can begin to add up over time. It can cost more than $4,459 in material and labor to maintain a the wall pack fixtures over a three-year period.

Reduced Performance of the Lighting Fixture

Depending on the type of HID lamp that is used by your facility, the performance characteristics of the parking garage lighting may vary quite a bit. For example, if you are still using metal halide lamps, then whiter light may be seen. However, these lamps also suffer from accelerated lumen degradation. This means that the lamps output is going to decrease significantly after the initial installation.

If you use high pressure sodium, then you will have a longer useful light, but the light produced is orange in color, which doesn’t offer very good visual perspective.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the best option for your parking garage is LED lights. These are long-lasting, energy efficient and don’t require much maintenance.

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