Effective Methods to Retain Your Customers Using LED Signs

From the outside looking in, media outlets make it look as though the traditional, brick and mortar retails are struggling to stay afloat. While it is true that e-commerce is interrupting the brick-and-mortar space, it doesn’t mean that owners of these locations just have to sit back and take it.

Most people still enjoy going out and shopping. As a result, these traditional, local stores still have quite a bit to offer. However, for those retail owners who want to enhance their customer’s experience, there is something that can be done – utilize LED signage. It may sound crazy, but just read how these signs can significantly improve the shopping experience for any retail customer.

Offer a Smooth, Seamless Expereince

A flagship store in a Dubai mall has recently installed signs that allow the workers in the store to update content in real-time. Customers can use the signs to find their way to the store, and even from one department to the next, bringing them to exactly what they are searching for.

Every department in the store features some type of video content focused on the brands offered. There’s also a VIP check-out section for the loyal customers. Even better, the LED digital signage is used to advertise the special promotions available, encouraging visitors to do a bit more shopping before leaving.

Just think about how this type of technology could impact your store and increase your sales.

Produce that “WOW” Factor

What’s more exciting – a traditional sign, with bland colors and over-sized text, or a lighted sign, with changing or scrolling text and exciting images? For most, the latter would be the answer.

Having signs that are eye-catching, changing, and full of life is the best way to attract and keep customers. After all, most people want to make the most of their shopping experience, and stores with signs that are unique are going to get more attention than those that use the same advertising methods again and again.

Interactive Experiences

You have to engage your customers if you want them to keep coming back. Innovative store signage can help with this. Choose an LED sign that offers touchscreen features. Allow your customers to check prices, look up sizes, and more. By doing this, customers are going to have a more positive shopping experience and be more likely to visit the store again.

As you can see, LED signs for your business offer more than a few benefits. If you have yet to implement this type of signage, then now is the time to make the investment. The professionals can help you determine the size of sign to use, and how to make it “pop.” Remember, these sign options are great for both indoor and outdoor use, so make sure to take advantage of what they have to offer.

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