Frosted & Etched Vinyl Window Graphics

Today, there is an alternative to etched glass for professional offices in the Kansas City area. Not only is this alternative elegant in appearance, it also provides a sense of privacy, unlike clear glass doors. At Excel Lighting & Signs, we believe it’s important to keep businesses updated on the latest trends in signage. Now, it’s possible to use etched vinyl window graphics, a cost-effective way to perk up the design in professional office spaces while affording more privacy.

Have glass partitions separating spaces in the workplace? Glass partitions can be distracting, considering you can see everything that’s going on right through them. Frosted vinyl sheets or window graphics give employees a bit more privacy, and boost production as workers aren’t as likely to become distracted. What about a little more branding? This can be achieved as well by simply including your company logo and/or name in the graphic. This is also the ideal solution for offices with floor-to-ceiling plate glass windows, making staff members feel somewhat “exposed” to the outside world!

Private meetings or conferences can feel more private. Many business owners know that when you hold a conference or meeting with employees, business associates, or even potential vendors, sometimes it’s difficult to feel as though it really is private – especially if you have glass panes separating the conference room from the lobby, hallway, or other offices. It seems like everyone who walks by wants to gawk. This can be quickly remedied by using frosted vinyl window graphics, or even a wide horizontal stripe at eye level which makes it difficult for those on the outside to see in, and gives attendees a sense of privacy.

Do the doors in your office include glass inserts? Sometimes visitors have a hard time finding their destination. With frosted or etched vinyl, you can not only direct visitors to the right place, but boost your brand in yet another way. Instead of a room number or name placed next to the door or installing a name plate, the number or name can be etched into vinyl for a unique and memorable look. Window graphics are ideal for a wide array of uses, and are a cost-effective solution to many problems.

Etched and frosted vinyl gives your business an air of sophistication

Business office spaces that include a large amount of glass (glass doors, glass partitions between cubicles, even floor-to-ceiling glass walls) can lack sophistication, and even look a bit harsh or cold. Not only that, workers are exposed as clients, visitors, and vendors hustle about. With etched vinyl, your professional office will take on a more elegant and sophisticated look and feel – and you can save a substantial amount of money over other alternative solutions. More privacy, sophistication, and a boost for your brand. All in all, some very important benefits without busting your budget.

Kansas City businesses can count on Excel Lighting & Signs for all of your signage needs, whether interior or exterior. Learn more about frosted and etched vinyl by giving us a call today.

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