Important Maintenance for Your Business Signage

Custom signs for your business represent an investment, right? You spend quite a bit of time and thought into finding the right sign company, working with them to create a high-quality sign, and creating a personalized fixture that helps encourage people to visit your business. If you are working with a sign company that is dedicated to providing quality results, you can feel confident they will use the right materials, long-lasting paints, and quality lights.

Maintenance for Business Signage Tips

While that is true, wear and tear may still occur. Do you know how to properly care for your signage to make it last as long as possible? If not, use the maintenance for business signage tips here.

Monument and Pylon Signs

Be sure to trim grass, trees, and bushes close to the sign to keep them from obstructing or overgrowing the monument or pylon signs. Make sure you are careful so you don’t hit the sign with weed whackers, mowers, or clippers, as these may cause damage.

Also, look for any signs of issues with the base material. If you don’t want your sign falling over, you have to pay attention to its condition. You can also ask your sign installer to come and provide sign maintenance from time to time.

ADA Compliant Signage

Maintaining your ADA compliant signage is especially important because you will be in violation of this if they are neglected.

For an indoor sign, just spot clean the surface using a gentle cleaner. Make sure that the colors are still bright and that the images aren’t faded, warped, or peeling.

Be sure that any required Braille on the sign isn’t worn down. If the sign doesn’t appear brand new anymore, it’s a good idea to order a replacement sign.

LED Signs

Installing an LED sign is a fun and eye-catching way to grab people’s attention. This is something that’s actually backed up by science.

Approximately 83 percent of all business owners who have purchased an LED sign in the past saw a notable increase in sales.

Now, think if your business would look if the sign appeared old and dirty? This isn’t a good thing.

For smaller LED signs, dust them often and check the wiring for abnormalities, bends, and frays. Be sure the lights are working properly ad if they aren’t contact the professionals for repairs. Remember, LED bulbs last a long time, so if there is a problem, it is likely cause by the sign base.

Business Signage Maintenance is Improtant

Your sign is an important part of your business and something you need to keep clean and maintained. If your sign is damaged, it’s best to call the professionals to have repairs made to ensure your sign can continue doing its job. Don’t wait to have repairs done and make sure to put time into cleaning all business signage every month. This is going to pay off and help ensure that your business signage can continue doing its job – of advertising your business – for years to come.

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