Neon Signs: They Aren’t Just for Bars and Casinos!

Neon signs aren’t a new concept. In fact, they have been helping business owners stand out and gain attention through the years. Unfortunately, this type of signage has also been pigeonholed into being just for bars, nightclubs, and casinos in recent years, and this just isn’t an accurate description.

In fact, neon signs offer an array of benefits for all businesses. Keep reading to learn more about what benefits they offer here.

High Visibility

Neon signs are considered an eye-catching, luminous addition for any business front that will make a huge difference for your business’s visibility. Since a person’s eyes are drawn naturally to light and color in the dark, the installation of a neon sign is going to help boost your impressions instantly, even on crowded avenues that are full of competition. Neon signage can be especially beneficial for small businesses that are trying to let potential customers know they are there.

Freedom with the Design

Another benefit of neon signage is that these signs can be customized to meet your needs. This medium provides you with amazing and varied options for logo design. Businesses that work with a professional sign designer will be able to choose virtually any color or shape they desire.

Superior Nighttime Functionality

With neon signs, it is possible for your business to operate at night. While you can set up extra lighting to help illuminate your current signage, upgrading to neon is usually an option that is more cost-effective regarding upkeep and sign installation.

Energy Efficient and Affordable to Operate

Neon is the fifth most abundant chemical element in the entire universe. It only comes in behind carbon, oxygen, helium, and hydrogen. Because of how abundant it is, it’s really no surprise that neon signs are so affordable.

Since there is no filament, the neon electrodes will operate and run, while remaining cool to the touch. This means the wasted electricity is virtually non-existent. This is also why this type of lighting will usually outlast more traditional light bulbs.

Wide Operating Range

In addition to being a very durable option, neon signs also have a rather extensive operating range. This means they will be a safe option even in areas where line voltage may be subject to surges or brownouts.

Longer Lifespan

When neon lights are properly fabricated, installed, and maintained, they can last for between 10 and 12 years. When you combine that with the fact that this light option doesn’t require much upkeep it offers a huge value for any family.

As you can see, neon store signs offer an array of benefits. If you are thinking about new business signage, be sure to keep the benefits of neon lighting and work with the professionals to ensure that you get the custom look you want for an affordable price.

If you’re ready to get started with a neon sign for your Kansas City area business, just contact Excel Lighting & Sign now!

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