Options for Replacing the Lighting in Your Business

If you are thinking about upgrading or changing the lighting present in your business, the first step is to figure out what your options are. Your needs may be direct and simple if your business isn’t changing at the moment, or if you are in the midst of growth, or envision significant changes in the future, then large changes in the lighting may also be necessary. There are several options when you are considering lighting upgrades, which are found here.

Replace the Lamps

This is a good option and comes with lower up-front costs while resulting in minimal waste. In most cases, replacing the existing lamps is a simple and quick solution, since more energy efficient options are pretty easy to find.

However, this option is going to have a shorter system life than fixture replacements, which may result in higher maintenance costs in the future. Also, just replacing the lamps isn’t going to necessarily address issues with inconsistent lighting levels, reduce shadows or improve performance that currently exists with the lighting. This option isn’t recommended for hazardous or rugged environments.

One-For-One Fixture Replacement

The majority of projects that are done for large businesses involve the one-for-one replacement solution for the existing lighting fixtures. This is the solution that is going to have the highest likelihood of being successful project. The work is pretty simple and replacing the fixtures where they are currently results in a much lower cost up front. By replacing fixtures, you can save energy and better light the area in question. While this is a better option than the one above, there is still another to consider.

Complete Lighting Redesign

A complete lighting redesign is considered to be a collaborative process that occurs between the owner of a business and a lighting professional. The redesign process takes into considerations related to the business, how it runs, the amount of space being used and any environmental or financial goals that you have in sight.

By diving deep into these factors, a custom lighting system for the business can be designed. At this point, lighting professionals will work with the business owner to determine the scope of the project. With a lighting redesign, you can feel confident that the actual light-related pain points in the building are being addressed and that the new design is going to address them all. While this job comes with a much higher initial investment, it will help you save money overtime and eventually pay for itself in the savings your business is able to reap.

Take some time to speak with a lighting professional to determine which of the three options is right for your business. Being informed is the best way to make an educated decision.

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