What are the Red Flags when Hiring a LED Retrofit Contractor?

There is no question that LED lighting retrofits are the “next big thing” in regard to smart buildings, safety, and energy efficiency. With lighting accounting for about 38% of a commercial building’s energy consumption, it is easy to see why investing in a retrofit is an attractive, money savings solution.

With annual retrofit sales increasing steadily and set to reach $1 billion by 2020, an influx of electrical contractors is trying to break into the lighting industry. While this may sound like good news, it can actually make the process of choosing the right contractor for the job extremely difficult. After all, do you know how to tell the difference between an experienced and reputable LED retrofit company and those that aren’t?

The good news is, there are some specific warning signs that you have found a subpar or untrustworthy contractor. Getting to know what these red flags are can help prevent you from making a serious mistake.

They Want to Work without the Proper Permit

The majority of municipalities require that any work that is done have the proper permits in place. If you have found a contractor who states they don’t need a permit to handle the job, it is a definite red flag. In most cases, a contractor who is trying to work in this manner promises lower prices or faster turnaround times. However, both of these so-called benefits may actually result in subpar work and issues down the road.

They Don’t Provide You a Written Estimate

A quality contractor will let you know how much the project is going to cost ahead of time. They are also going to let you know what type of parts and materials they will use. As a result, you can easily know what the project is going to take ahead of time. If the contractor doesn’t want to provide you with this written estimate, then it is a definite red flag and a sign that another contractor should be found.

They Don’t Offer a Warranty

If a contractor doesn’t stand behind the work they do, this is a serious red flag. The fact is, a quality contractor is going to not only stand behind their work but also fix any issues present if it is directly related to the retrofit within a timely manner.

They are Constantly Running Late

If a contractor is running late all the time, then your project is likely going to run late, if it is completed at all.

Poor Communication

If the contractor does not provide you regular updates or if they are difficult to get ahold of, then this is also a red flag. If you don’t find a contractor who is going to let you know what is going on, you may find the project runs over budget and over the set deadline.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by hiring a quality contractor for your LED retrofit project. Take the time to find a contractor who is going to be transparent and provide the superior services you are paying for.

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