Sign Repair: What to Look for and How to Fix Damaged Signage

For virtually any business, developing a strong branding strategy is a crucial aspect of your business’s growth.

An often overlooked part? Sign repair.

For a brick-and-mortar business, an important part of an effective marketing strategy is how your brand is visually represented – this includes the physical appearance of your business signage and your storefront. Business signs are one of the smartest investments you can make when it comes to marketing, as these tools let your customers know who you are and what you have to offer with a single glance.

In addition to following the best practices when creating this signage, it is crucial that you make sure your signs are always well-maintained, clean, and functioning properly. Even signs that are well maintained may develop damage and other issues.

Knowing what to look for and how to fix signage damage is the best way to keep your signage looking great.

Burnt Out Lights

If your signs are illuminated, the most obvious sign of wear and tear is lights that are burnt out. If this happens, it can reflect badly on your business – especially if the sign begins to spell out something besides your intended message.

Since most lighted signs will run during all hours of the night and day, it’s a possibility that the lights are going to burn out – especially if you have a lower quality sign or if it is made without LED bulbs. Make sure you keep an eye on your signs and replace the batteries, bulbs, and even the sign if you have noticed that the lights are burnt out.

When it comes to maintaining your business’s signage, ensuring that it is in top condition is crucial for leaving a positive impression on your customers.

LED Sign Repair

LED signs have become increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency and vibrant display capabilities. However, even high-quality LED signs can experience wear and tear over time, such as burnt-out lights. Regular maintenance and prompt replacement of bulbs or batteries are essential to ensure that your LED sign continues to effectively represent your brand.

Pylon Sign Repair

For larger and more prominent signage, like pylon signs, issues such as dirty surfaces can impact their visibility and overall effectiveness. Regular cleaning and maintenance are key to ensuring that your pylon sign remains eye-catching and conveys your brand message clearly to customers. In cases where signs require repair or replacement, engaging the services of an experienced sign repair company, such as Excel Lighting & Sign, can help you address any issues efficiently and effectively.

Neon Sign repair

Neon signs, known for their vibrant colors and unique aesthetics, also require specialized care and maintenance to preserve their appeal. Expert technicians with experience in handling various types of signs can provide comprehensive sign maintenance services to keep your neon signs looking their best. Whether it’s a commercial sign, an electric sign, or any other type of signage, having skilled professionals oversee the repair process ensures that your signs are back in operation quickly and professionally.

In instances where sign replacements are necessary, working with a reputable company that offers a range of sign services is essential. From consultation to installation, experienced sign technicians can guide you through the process and recommend the most suitable solutions for your business’s needs. Whether you require electric sign repair services or routine maintenance for your commercial signage, partnering with a trusted provider can help you maintain a strong visual presence and attract customers effectively.

Dirty Signs

If your signs are being displayed for everyone to see, then the signs are going to be exposed to grime, dust, and dirt constantly. If dirt is allowed to accumulate on your signage, you may be sending an unintended, unpleasant message to your potential customers; however, this is also going to result in your signs being harder to notice or less visible. Put simply, if your sign is dirty, it’s going to be much more challenging for people to see as they drive by.

To avoid the accumulation of dirt, it’s a good idea to schedule regular maintenance and cleaning, which is going to ensure your retail signs appear brand new. While it is possible to take the DIY approach, it is much safer and a more practice step to hire the professionals to clean the sign and to provide sign repair services when needed.

Keeping Your Sign in Good Repair

When it comes to your business signage, there are more than a few things to keep in mind. If you are buying a new sign, or have existing signage in place, using the tips here to fix your signage damage so you can keep things looking great. If you need help, contact Excel Lighting & Sign, as we can help ensure your signs remain looking great month after month and that they attract the desired attention from those passing by.

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